BOSS Announce It’s Expansion Emphasis In 2020

BOSS Gaming Solutions recently announced its expansion emphasis in 2020 as it focuses on building relationships in new markets, investing in sportsbooks and expanding ThunderSpin, its online slot development studio.

BOSS has become recognised since its inception for offering its main gaming site, sportsbook and betting service, land-based casino apps, affiliate network, payment solutions, online casino slots and white label solutions.

Managing director Jeff Letlat said: “Expansion is part of the growth and a desire to explore further grounds has always been our goal, at this point we aim to deepen our roots in Europe where we already have a successful operation whilst we keep our appetite open for LatAm and Asia.

“As a group, BOSS. Gaming Solutions is gaining more value knowing that we have launched our gaming studio ThunderSpin where the games are already live for many of our partners in Asia, LatAm as well Europe.

“Regarding our White Label services, our aim is to add sportsbook by the end of Q2 which will definitely add more value and maturity to our products and increase our resources in our HQ of Malta.”

2020 represents a major landmark for the group marking its 5 year anniversary with the company’s casino brand. In addition, the company is preparing key releases throughout the year to “shake up” the online and land-based sectors.

Letlat said on their anniversary and the preparations for the coming year: “’s five year anniversary is a big milestone for the brand.

“Going forward we will also be establishing a presence in LATAM where we offer our White Label services from Q4 2020. As per our main focus is to solidify roots in Europe as well as testing the environment in Asia.”

Boss Gaming has shared his eagerness to combat the industry’s major problems with Letlat claiming that laws and regulations are becoming “tighter.” He added: “As a brand we embrace it and support it 100 per cent as it keeps the industry healthy for the providers, operators and players.

“Besides this, there are a few big markets which are being saturated and unfortunately this impacts negatively on the industry as it fosters a quantity vs. quality approach. At BOSS. Gaming Solutions we intend to maintain our consistent quality approach towards our clientele.”