BOS Report Increase In Illegal Gambling Web Portals

According to the results of a study commissioned by the Swedish Agency for Public Management, the proportion of Swedish gambling users who gamble on illegal web portals is rising, whilst the proportion who gamble safely within the Swedish licencing system is decreasing.

BOS, the Swedish Trade Association for Online Gaming, argues that public authority of gambling is in jeopardy, and that the government is struggling to fulfil its responsibility to provide gamblers with complete consumer protection.

Fourth study

The allegations come in reaction to the Swedish agency’s fourth study on the Swedish gaming industry after it was re-regulated in 2019. The entire Swedish gambling report can be found here: Swedish Gambling Report 2021.

Gustaf Hoffstedt, Secretary General of BOS said: “I hope that the report by the Swedish Agency for Public Management can now put an end to the political proposals that the channelling into the Swedish licensing system is good. It is not, and the trend remains negative. We have felt quite alone in this remark but hope for a sobriety now that the state’s own expert authority points to the same conclusion.

“Every consumer who is lost to the unlicensed gambling market is a gambler who is not reached by the Swedish consumer protection. The increasing leakage to the unlicensed gambling market is due to two factors. On the one hand, the Swedish-licensed gambling market has been plagued by so many government restrictions that gambling consumers have grown tired and to an increased extent sought their gambling experiences elsewhere. On the other hand, the gambling law has such major shortcomings that in Sweden unlicensed gambling companies have been able to continue to offer their games to Swedish gambling consumers without hindrance.

“This anomaly must end. A first step to increase public control over the gambling market would be to urgently lift the temporary deposit limit for online casinos, but more needs to be done to protect the Swedish gambling license market.”