BOS Calls For Clarity Of “Unclear Directives”On Enforced Limits

Branschföreningen för Onlinespel (BOS), the Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling, has called for clarity on newly enforced temporary limits, which it claims leaves “unclear directives.”

In releasing an open letter about the urgent need for clarification on the required restrictions imposed by the Social Security Minister, the authority appeals to the Swedish regulator to explain to the industry what relates to the restrictions on deposits.

Commenting that “the gaming companies have interpreted the new regulation in very different ways,” the appeal comes after the state-controlled ATG faced criticism for how they perceived the new regulation in Expressen, a Swedish newspaper.

Maintaining that “the chaos the gaming industry warned about has now occurred as a result of a hasty and weakly substantiated proposal,” the group reports that several more millions will be paid out in fine as well as more players heading to the unlicensed black market.

Documenting the changes introduced earlier this year on the basis of Ardalan Shekarabi ‘s guidelines, BOS outlines the widespread criticism received and the need for more clarification on “hasty proposals that have the opposite effect are now puzzling an entire industry.”

The authority concludes: “Our message has always been clear; restrictions and measures must be based on well-substantiated facts and thorough impact assessments, otherwise the clock risks turning back to what it looked like before re-regulation.

“We are now in a situation where neither the private nor the state-controlled companies know how to act and it is obvious that different actors interpret the new regulation in different ways. The question is who really benefits from this apart from the companies that are outside the licensing system?

“In light of the above, the gaming industry is looking forward to the Spelinspektionen’s clarification regarding the interpretation of the new deposit limit.”