Boom Brothers Slot

Boom Brothers Slot review is an online game that invites you to help three brothers with their quest to unearth the precious gems. The game allows you to interact with these amazing yet active dwarfs on the reel.

Boom Brothers Slot is a 5-reel, 20-play slot game which operates on the NetEnt software platform. This game features the Bomb symbol as its wild card. 

What’s more, the scatter of this game acts as the free spins icon. The game also features a healthy 96.10% RTP and other exciting features.

Also worth noting is that all its symbols look more like coal mining tools and metals, and the boom brothers are also represented using metalwork symbols. 

The beauty of this slot game lies in the bonus features that the NetEnt firm incorporated.

In this review, we will bring all you need to know about this slot game. We will tell you about your stakes, the paylines and the symbols used. We will also notify you about the value attached at the end of the review. 

About Boom Brothers Slots Game

The boom brothers slot game is a creation by the NetEnt software company and produces plenty of games like the Butterfly Staxx slot. NetEnt, Known for its classy, entertaining, and fun-filled slot games, did a fantastic job creating the Boom brothers slots game. The last time the slot game came into existence was in December 2010. 

If you have had a chance to play Gonzos quest, then this game is for you because its play process is almost the same as the Gonzos quest. 

The slots game starts with a bit of action by the three dwarf brothers who decent deep in the mining tombs searching for underground treasures. The game is set on a mining theme, with excellent graphics that prepare you to enter the mining world. The sound effects, clattering chains, and rail tracks add spice to this cartoon video slot game.

The boom brothers online slot game features three rows, five reels, and 20 paylines, with a unique yet friendly bet for the player to stake. The paylines run across the reel, starting from the left to the right. The good news is that you can adjust your bet amount on the pay line to stake your cash.

The online slot game offers an opportunity for seasoned gamers and beginners. As a beginner, you can play the free demo mode to learn how the game works, the rules, symbols, and the paylines. But as a gaming guru, you can get down on the reel and strike the spin button, and you’re good to go.

Likewise, the Boom Brothers slot machine game allows you to wage as little as £0.2, or you can stake the highest amount of £100. So, it is a game for penny pinchers and the high rollers.

The NetEnt Company designs slot games that are compatible with many mobile devices thanks to HTML5 technology. Similarly, the Boom Brothers slot game is compatible with your desktop, mobile phones, and tablets. 

The boom brothers slot game works with your standard browser. So, you have no reason to download the excellent game on your desktop, laptop, or your mobile phone. You can enjoy the thrill of the slot game online, anywhere, and at any time if you have an internet connection. 

How to play boom brothers slots online

Playing boom brothers slots game is full of fun. The wards that await you on the reel are fulfilling to any gambler. 

Follow this guide to learn and understand how to play the slot game.

As the game opens on your screen, you will note a setup of three rows, five reels, and 20 adjustable paylines. Place your bet amount on the paylines starting from the reel’s left side to the right. Looking at the reels, you will see symbols suspended on chains hanging on the reels.

The paylines combine with different bet levels. So, in the Boom brothers slot review, there are five different bet levels. Again, varying bet coins range from 0.01 to 1.0 on the bet lines. The lowest coin value you can stake on every spin you make is 0.01. There is a possibility of moving your stake to the greatest bet amount of 100 per spin. 

At this point, the game is now underway when the reels begin to spin. During the spin, you will note various symbols are starting to appear. The wilds symbol appears in the form of a fizzing bomb. When this bomb explodes and you land five of the wild symbol, you win a decent amount of 7,500 coins.

As the reels continue to spin, you will notice the rail tracks on the reel. The rail tracks are your scatter symbols that trigger the free spins bonuses. Therefore, land three of the scatter symbols to activate the free spins.

When the free spins appear, they reveal random numbers that sum up to earn you the number of times you will play the free spins. The good news is that you can earn up to 50 free spins during gameplay.

However, during the play, you will notice an exciting feature. The rail track symbol bonus feature is a bonus round that triggers after five scatter symbols appear on the reel, thus warding you with different multiplier factors.

During the feature, when you get three rail symbols, your win is multiplied by two. And if you manage four symbols, you get 3× your returns. Consequently, if you get five symbols, your win will be 4× returns earned on your bet amount.

Winning these multipliers during the Railtrack symbols bonus casino game opens another door for you to earn more returns. It is during this round that you will notice the three brothers in action, and each is on his track to pick cards to reveal the Gold, rubies, and a diamond.

Each dwarf has a specific card to pick with a value attached to the card. The highest card is the Diamond, followed by Gold, and rubies being the lowest value. Your target is to have a dwarf reveal a diamond that will earn you 1,900× your bet amount as a player.

Apart from the free spin bonus and the rail track bonus round, the Boom brothers slot review has a bonus round known as the 2nd chance feature. The 2nd chance feature is to cushion you against a barren spin and open another opportunity to make a win.

During a barren spin, a dwarf may appear and re-arrange a few symbols on the reel. This rearrangement is to make it possible for you to secure a win. However, you have to be ready for another fruitless win because not all 2nd chance rounds will land you a win.

The boom brothers slot game is one game that has all ways to ensure you win. It may be a fun bonus game full of symbols and other features, but they all form a winning combination.

Interactive Features 

Progressive Jackpot

The boom brothers slots game has no progressive jackpot. However, it is a game that will earn you good returns when you bet with high-paying symbols. 

Take, for example, the multiplier factors. When combined with another winning symbol like the Diamond, you will have a decent payout on your wager. Moreover, take your maximum bet at £100 per spin, and you make 50 free spins. You win an encouraging amount compared to a progressive jackpot that the majority of slot games has.

Also, you can combine the wild symbol, which earns you £7,500. When you land five of the wilds and combine the 1,900×your bet amount, you will likely rake in a maximum of £112,500. 

Bonus Games

The amazing bonus game features await you during the gameplay. Boom brothers slot game has bonus features that add to the game’s beauty.

  • The bonus free spins triggers when three scatter symbols land on the paylines.
  • The Railtrack bonus round is characterized by the three active brothers in action to real the three rewarding jewels. The Diamond, Gold, and the Rubies.
  • The 2nd chance bonus round. It is around that triggers after a fruitless spin. One of the dwarf brothers swings into action to arrange symbols on the reel. The re-arrangement makes it possible for you to make a winning combination.

All three games ensure fun during the play and earn you substantial returns on your bet amount.


The NetEnt software company has perfected creating slot games with an amazing symbol. Similarly, the Boom Brothers slot game has many symbols that add spice to the game.

The symbols include the following.

  • The wild symbol appears in the form of a fizzing bomb.
  • The scatter symbols appearing in the form of a rail truck
  • The Diamond, Gold, and ruby symbols that appear in carts on the reel
  • Other symbols denoted by the normal items found in the mines.

These are low-value symbols that appear on the reel during play.

  • miners helmet
  • broken containers
  • pickaxe
  • sludge hammer
  • lantern 
  • Also, the dwarf brothers are symbols in the slot game.

What Symbols Triggers Boom Brothers Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Bonus-free spins is a bonus game included in the slot game. It is a feature that triggers when three scatter symbols land on the reel during a spin. Similarly, the bonus free spins can rise to 50 free spins in a game. Therefore you will have an opportunity to increase your returns on your bet.

The rail tracks are in line with the game’s theme, which is a mining theme. However, it would be best to realize that it would not be easy to trigger free spins during the game. But if luck falls on your side and the scatter symbols land on the reel, then your win will multiply 3× your payout.

Paylines And Stakes


The boom brothers slot game has 20 adjustable pay-lines on the reel. The arrangement of the paylines runs from the left to the right on the reel. You can stake a bet on each pay line, combined with five different bet levels.


The amount of the bet coins you can stake on the reel range from £0.01 to £1.00. Therefore, for every spin you make, you have an opportunity to stake the lowest coin value of £0.01. 

However, you can wage up to a maximum of 100 at a given round. Therefore your total stake in a bet level has a possible payout of up to £112,500 as the highest amount.

Boom Brothers Slots Game Software

Boom brothers slot game is a product of the NetEnt Software Company. It is known for creating high entertaining yet quality games. The company, which started in 1996, has its headquarters in Sweden.

It is a company that ensures it provides a game that is addictive to its players. They include high graphics and visual effects with high-paying symbols. Since its inception, the company has created high-end games for your best casino and online slot games.

Some of the famous games created by the NetEnt software company include:

Responsible gaming is something that the firm takes seriously. So, their games observe the legal age limit of 18 years. Because of that, their customers enjoy a safe gaming experience. More so, their games have licenses by relevant authorities in various countries. Indeed that makes it the most trusted software company.

Moreover, the firm boasts of various awards it has worn since its inception in 1996, they include:

  • Best slots provider
  • Leading provider of live casino in 2019
  • EGR Awards 2015. They won slots provider, Mobile provider, and innovation in mobile.

Finally, the company’s Mega Fortune slot game has a progressive jackpot featured in the Guinness world book of records. The recognition was in September 2011.

What Is The Boom Brothers Slots RTP? 

In conjunction with other games, The boom brothers slot game has a Return To Player of 97%, with the 3% returns to the house. Therefore for an average player who stakes £100, the game will return an average of £96 in a single spin.

Slot Volatility 

Slot variance for the Boom Brothers stands at the medium level. So it is a game with average chances of landing a jackpot win and an average payout jackpot wins on the bet placed.


The lovers of the Gonzo’s Quest slot game will get thrilled with what the Boom Brothers slot game has to offer. The NetEnt Company pushed its limits and designed a game full of features and symbols, therefore it is a game that is a bit confusing to the gamer. However, with these many symbols, features, and bonus games come better rewards for you.

The only dissenting opinion lies in the progressive jackpot, which NetEnt did not feature in the game. Besides that, other bonus games contribute to higher payouts during gaming.

Nevertheless, the autoplay option makes it easier for you because the machine can deliver good money to your pocket when utilized. Therefore make a move and play the game as you expect more wins during the reel gaming experience.

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