Bondly And Atari Sign Strategic Alliance

Bondly, the premier e-commerce solution for digital properties, has signed a strategic joint alliance with Atari®, the iconic immersive entertainment brand, that will see dedicated NFTs and the Atari Metaverse gaming platform launched.

With the launch of entertainment brand initiatives with Logan Paul, Tory Lanez, and PelleK, Bondly has recently seen considerable development. PolkaPets and BCCG, their native Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) gaming brands, have produced over $4 million in sales in the first three months.

Game-changing partnership

This game-changing partnership would incorporate an iconic brand and deep experience from both departments in the blockchain room, as they are two of the most creative brands in both the NFT space and digital entertainment, respectively.

Atari and Bondly will collaborate on the development of NFT collections spanning games, music, and other topics. The goal will then be to unleash the Atari Metaverse gaming network, which will blend the best elements of classic gaming assets with the most recent entertainment makers of music and gaming, all while adding Digital Collectibles and NFTs as a central component of the Metaverse experience.


NFTs would be available for purchase using the local cryptocurrencies Atari ($ATRI) and Bondly ($BONDLY), as well as major crypto-currencies.

Frédéric Chesnais, CEO of Atari Chain said: “Teaming up with Bondly was very natural for Atari, given their success and expertise in the space. Our collaboration with Bondly is absolutely integral to the success of the upcoming collections of NFTs and of the Atari metaverse, whose design is underway.”

Brandon Smith, CEO of Bondly added: “We are excited to bring our native gaming properties like BCCG and PolkaPets to Atari, but we are even more excited for our other entertainment brand partners to have digital spaces dedicated to their fans.

“Music artists, sports stars and all creators can engage fans in new, unique ways. For example, creators can mint their own NFT in-metaverse and distribute to fans, which then become access passes to new super fan experiences.”

The roster of NFTs, in addition to the metaverse, will be revealed in the coming weeks.