Bollywood Story Slot

The love and hate for Hindi soap operas are in equal measure. Likewise, at the mention of the Bollywood story slot game, one would tend to think it is a complicated story like the Bollywood soap opera.

The NetEnt Company did a perfect job creating a simple yet entertaining game with a Bollywood theme.

In this Bollywood story slots review, we will dig deeper to understand the rules and symbols. We also look at bonus games and other unique features of the game. At the end of this review, you will have known your best chances, bet amounts, paylines, and the returns on your wager.

Above all, you will have to know the slots RTP and the slot volatility. These are important before you get down to action and stake your money.

About Bollywood Story Slots 

Bollywood story slot game is a design of the NetEnt software company, launched back in 2018. The slots set up anchors on Bollywood soap operas that have always kept you at the edge of your seat.

It is a video slot game with captivating bright colours and beautifully designed graphics. Its characterized by marble floors, expensive rugs, decorative pillars, and stained windows. 

More so, the background music played is full of fun. It immerses you into a love story of young couples fighting their parents to ensure their love is not defeated.

You have to save the two lover birds from ensuring they have a happy life after. So, you can do that by spinning a set-up of five reels, three rows, and nine fixed paylines.

It is one of the simple and straightforward games created by the NetEnt software company. The theme is generic, thus featuring a Zen-like set-up.

As you start spinning the reels and paylines, you get excited by the symbols that the NetEnt included in the game. Also, the game features other great and enticing in-game bonuses for you. 

The bonus features attract good returns on your bet amount. For example, during the free spins, a combination of 3 to 5 will earn you more free spins. That keeps adding up each time you spin the reel. You will earn 10, 20, and 30 free spins, which might go up to 60 free spins.

Apart from the bonus features, the game caters to a low player budget because you can stake as low as £0.9 as you increase your bet amount to £90 per spin. Moreover, you can play the game online for free and get an award of £4,008.20 free credits.

The NetEnt would have made it possible to have a progressive jackpot in this Bollywood story slots game. Unfortunately, they did not. But that is not discouraging; the game still has a decent top amount of 90000 coins on a single spin.

The good news doesn’t end there. The NetEnt have perfected in maximizing the HTML5 technology. The technology allows NetEnt to create slot games that are compatible on both mobile and desktops. So you can enjoy your game anywhere at any time on your favourite gadget.

How To Play Bollywood Story Slots Online

As mentioned earlier, the game anchors on three rows, five reels, and nine fixed paylines. Playing the game is straightforward because of the apparent symbols that appear during the play. 

It is encouraging that you can play this game on your desktop or mobile device with the same steps.

1. As the game opens its display, the symbols remain faithful to the Bollywood theme. So take note of the symbols that float on the reel encased in flowers. 

Those are the wild symbols in the game. Also, you will note the scatter symbols denoted by the blue jewel that appears on the reel.

Other symbols included in the game are the following; the Bollywood logo, beautiful bride and groom, an angry father and mother-in-law and the additional value cards( 10, J, K, Q, and A) 

But of interest to you is the Bollywood logo. When this symbol lands on the reel with 5 of its kind, you might pocket 1000 coins if you placed the largest bet of £90 per spin.

2. The lowest bet you can stake on the fixed paylines is £0.9 spread across all the paylines per spin. You can increase your stake up to £90 per spin.

During the play, you can see a floating flower case, and when they land on the reel, they transform into a wild. Consequently, 2 to 4 wilds appear on each spin.

3. As the game progresses, you will realize that the scatter symbol denoted by a blue jewel is of great advantage to you. It is a symbol that triggers the free spin bonus mode. 

However, I should encourage you to be patient because the free spins do not trigger easily during the play.

Indeed, the number of free spins you win will depend on the number of scatter symbols you land on the reel. For example, if you land three scatter symbols, you get ten free spins, and four scatter symbols will earn you 20 free spins. Again, for five scatters, you win 30 free spins. 

4. During an active free bonus spin, you can land another three scatter symbols. Of course, that will be good news because you will trigger another bonus of free spins. But this time, you will have 60 rounds of free bonus spins.

5. During the free spin feature, floating wilds appear during the spin. If that happens, it is good news for you as the player because you will have a bumper harvest. 

So if you manage to have 3, 4, and 6 wilds floating during a free spin, you are likely to have a decent amount of 1000× times your bet on one free spin. That means you have a chance of winning an amount equal to the number of free spins on the reel.

6. During the gameplay, other symbols appear. These symbols have their values attached to each. They include: 

  • The Bollywood story logo will earn you 1000 coins if five of its kind land on the reel.
  • If you land five symbols of a girl, you earn 750 coins.
  • Five symbols of a gentleman will earn you 500 coins if you land five of its kind.
  • Mother-in-law earns you 300× your bet.
  • Father-in-law will earn you 400× your stake amount.

Interactive Features 

A slot game without interactive features will suffer from a lack of players. The extra gameplay features not only do they earn a player more returns on the bet amount but also work for the gambling business.

Progressive Jackpot

A jackpot that increases whenever it is not worn encourages a player to stay on the slot machine, hoping luck will strike and earn good money. Most slot games have a progressive jackpot. However, the Bollywood story slot game does not have one. 

Nevertheless, consider the game’s bonus features, the maximum bet you can stake, and the symbols included. All these factors, when combined, can earn you a decent payout of up to 90000 x your bet amount on a single spin.

Bonus Games 

The bonus game in the Bollywood story slot is the bonus free spin you can trigger when three, four, or five scatter symbols land on the reel. Once you land the scatter symbols, you earn the free spins depending on the number of scatters you have. 

Three scatters earn you ten free spins. 4 will earn you 20 free spins, while five scatters will earn you 30 free spins.

The free bonus spin game comes with its goodies. Consequently, during the play, you might land other floating wild symbols. The symbols can transform into excellent returns on your stake per spin.


Bollywood story slot symbols carry their values that spice up the game. Hence they offer encouraging wins to the gaming gurus.

The most notable symbol and carries the highest value is the Bollywood story logo. The logo earns you 1,000 coins times your bet amount.

Similarly, the bride and groom will earn you 500 and 750 coins on each bet amount. Also, the evil parents will earn you 300× and 400× your bet amount.

The game also has a scatter symbol denoted in the form of a blue jewel. It is a symbol that triggers the free bonus spins during the play. We have the wild and other card symbols, which also have a significant role during the play.

What Symbols Triggers The Bollywood Story Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The blue jewel symbol lands on the reel to trigger the Bollywood story bonus free spins. But you need to have a given number of scatters to trigger the number of free bonus spins during the gameplay.

Landing 3, 4, and 5 scatters triggers 10, 20, and 30 free spins consecutively. However, you can increase the number of free spins to 60 when the free spin bonus feature triggers again. 

Of course, that is possible if three or more scatters appear during an active bonus free spins. So the more free spins you earn, the higher returns you expect to win.

Paylines And Stakes


The Bollywood story slots game has nine fixed paylines that run from left to right during gameplay. Therefore during the gameplay, your stake spreads across all nine paylines.

When adjusting your bet amount, your bet adjusts across the nine paylines. It Starts from the first on your left to the right.


The minimum bet amount you can stake on each payline is 0.01 to 1 coin. So, you will require nine coins to stake across the nine paylines with a bet level of 1-10. 

You can change the bet levels, which means you can have 0.09 as your lowest wager. That is to say. You can also hit the highest amount not exceeding £90. 

Bollywood Story Slot Game Software

NetEnt is a software company that created the Bollywood story slot game. The company has been entertaining the world for the past 20 years. It started back in 1996 with its headquarters in Sweden.

The purpose of online slot games and casino games is to entertain and thrill the game players. NetEnt knows the need for that. And that is why they strive to create games that thrill and entertain while promoting responsible gaming for their clients.

In terms of responsible gaming, the company ensures it meets all the relevant authorities’ legal requirements. Therefore it is a trusted brand by many countries across the globe.

The company boasts of high-quality games ranging from the best casino games to slot games. More so, the adoption of the HTML5 technology opened a broader market for NetEnt. It enabled the company to create slot games that you can play on desktops, tablets, laptops, and mobile phones.

Some of the games that the company has included are the following:

The company is a software powerhouse. During its operations, the firm has won some of the best awards. One of its game jackpots has featured in the Guinness world book of records.

Some of the awards won include:

  • EGR Italy 2020 awards. It won the mobile supplier of the year.
  • EGR B2B awards 2019. It won the slot supplier of the year.
  • International Gaming Awards 2019. The firm won mobile product of the year.
  • Global Gaming Awards London 2019. The company won an award for its brilliant Jumanji slot game.

What Is Bollywood Story Slots RTP?

The Return to Player rating for the Bollywood story slots game stands at 96.10%. That makes the game above the average on the bet amount returns. Therefore for every £1 that you stake, you have a chance of winning back £96.10 on your bet amount per spin you make.

Slot Volatility 

Slot variance dictates whether a player wins significant returns or small returns on the bet amount. So, the slot volatility for the Bollywood story slots game is of medium variance.

That means the chance of winning bigger and smaller returns stands at equal positions.


For slot lovers, some might agree that this Bollywood story slot game is quite interesting when playing. But others might argue that more input should be there in terms of the interactive features. 

The fact that the game does not feature the progressive jackpot; still gives you a reason to play because of the higher returns you stand to win.

Compared to the complicated Bollywood movies, the NetEnt only applied the Bollywood theme. But the game boosts the simple yet crisp graphics coupled with unique soundtracks.

For beginners’, you can play an accessible online mode of the game as you acquaint yourself with rules and processes that you will use when playing with real money. 

Above all, it is a fun-filled game that we would recommend for gaming gurus and newbies.

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