Bojoko Chief Launch PGAA To Provide ‘Contractual Security’ For iGaming Affiliates

The ‘Professional Gambling Affiliates Association (PGAA)’ has been launched by Joonas Karhu, the Chief Business Officer of the online gambling group to provide ‘contractual security’ between affiliates and igaming operators.

The organisation is created according to the ‘imbalance in the business relationship between affiliates and operators’ that creates tension within the igaming group.

With affiliates coming together as one, the PGAA will discuss its industry issues in order to press for contractual protection and equal terms and conditions while supporting operators.

Operator marketing services currently have little contractual protection for affiliates that are required to sign contracts that can be altered contractually at any time, seeing their lifetime income diminished or fees raised with little or no warning.

In protecting marketing partners and guaranteeing terms of service, emerging igaming activities lag behind larger mass-market industries.

In its founding statement the PGAA said: “Operating an organisation without a secured contract is unsustainable, making it impossible to invest in growth and putting jobs at risk.”

The PGAA wants to build a contract that offers the protection that its members need to be able to promote and step forward with operator brands now. The contract will be signed by members of the PGAA and their affiliate operators.

The initial contact between the PGAA and the operators will be handled by Bojoko and the legal costs associated with establishing the PGAA contract will also be covered. This includes any possible reviews or adjustments that are needed now and in the future.

Karhu said, launching the PGAA: “The situation online gambling affiliates face is unprecedented when compared with other industries and sectors. Running a business without a secured contract is simply unsustainable and puts organisations and their employees at great risk.

“By creating the PGAA, I hope to be able to provide the contractual security that affiliates need to be able to promote operator brands and be confident that the players they send and the revenues they generate are secured over time.

“I am now calling on all affiliates to join the PGAA and for operators and other industry stakeholders to support the association and its mission to level the playing field for affiliates and to provide the contractual security they need and deserve.”