BMIT Strengthens Innovation After Acquiring EBO Ai Stake

To accelerate the growth of its igaming-centered business support technologies, Malta-based IT services and enterprise solutions provider BMIT Technologies acquired a stake in AI automation studio EBO Ltd (

BMIT maintains a previous working partnership with EBO that contributed to the creation of AI features for the ‘CX Virtual Agent’ of BMIT, the latest digital customer service support solution introduced this summer by the company.

The acquisition will allow BMIT to further diversify and enhance its technology portfolio for key industries, such as igaming, enabling the company to optimise its products for local and international clients through AI innovations.

Furthermore, BMIT will secure a new technology unit with the AI capabilities of EBO, enabling the company to respond more rapidly to evolving business opportunities and adapt its products.

BMIT Technologies CEO, Christian Sammut said: “Through this investment, BMIT Technologies’ plans to grow further its business and enhance its product portfolio. We are excited to be part of EBO’s success story, and look forward to further develop our relationship, as we seek to diversify our offering, and reach out to new sectors and markets.”

BMIT acknowledged EBO’s proven track record in its acquisition statement for the creation of efficient AI automated business support solutions for the highly controlled healthcare, iGaming, and financial services industries.

BMIT acknowledged the success of its first EBO project provided by the CX Virtual Agent, the first fully autonomous customer service robot from igaming, indistinguishable from a human agent while constantly learning how to work better.

Dr Gege Gatt, CEO of EBO Ltd added: “We are thrilled that a leading technology provider such as BMIT Technologies has invested in EBO. It is proof that our mission to harness AI to effectively automate human communication is the right one for the needs of businesses, in an era where customer experience is a key differentiator amongst organisations.”

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