Blue Quis Quis Gains Rights To Tech Products Of Loop Insights

Loop Insights Inc, a technology company based in Vancouver, has signed a partnership agreement with Quis Quis Holdings LLC to enter the tribal gaming business in the United States. The preferred partnership agreement gives the non-exclusive rights of owner Blue Quis Quis to represent the technology products of Loop in it’s network.

Quis Quis, have extensive experience working with many tribal communities, also has a wide history in gaming, enforcement, and tribal economic growth. It is a member of the Aboriginal Trade Association, the La Jolla Gaming Commission, and the San Pasqual Gaming Commission, Vice Chairman.

The Loop proprietary technology platform aims to target gaming facility installations across multiple states providing detailed real-time insights into customer buying behaviours. The technology is designed to improve the efficiencies of the running, sales and supply chain.

Upon successful implementation, the company will be able to generate considerable revenue by licencing its product to resort operators as well as business models for ‘software as a service.’

“Mr Quis Quis, is a very well-respected figure in the tribal gaming industry,” said Loop CEO Rob Anson. “This will help shorten and expedite our sales cycle by providing direct access to key decision makers of each tribal nation.”

A statement from Blue Quis Quis read: “The Loop platform will now enable our casino marketing the ability to measure and attribute the value of each loyalty member across all channels including food and beverage, retail, nightlife, and special events. Our customers will greatly benefit from the Loop platform by receiving dynamic personalised offers and incentives based on individual gaming and retail purchase behaviours.”