BA Mayor Announces Horseracing To Return This Month

The Mayor of Buenos Aires City San Isidro, Gustavo Posse, has announced that horse racing operation is ready to return this month. The Hipódromo de San Isidro, one of the country’s most important racetracks, aims to host seven of the 14 races it normally runs on its regular schedule.

In an interview with Clarín, Posse shared the facts and said all arrangements for the resumption of the sporting competition are in place. “I just visited the track, I met the authorities, and the horses are ready to run tomorrow,” he explained.

“We know that there’s good will for the activity to return, it’s just that a meeting with the provincial regulator Institute of Lottery and Casinos of Buenos Aires (IPLyC) and representatives of the sector was delayed. We wanted to present the security protocols and obtain the authorisation.”

Currently the only thing allowed at the racecourse is horse riding, but under stringent safety precautions, including the use of a mask.

“It’s not a contact sport, no one else is on the track besides the horse, the caretaker and the jockey,” added Posse. “It’s all designed so that there’s no contact. In order to access the tracks, people need to wash car wheels, check temperature levels, among other things.”

The horse racing industry hires the same amount, or more than the automotive sector, with more than 7,000 employees.

“We are not behind in salary payments, but we know that the Jockey Club is experiencing financial difficulties. We only perceive 1% of the bets made at the racetrack, because the majority come from agencies,” he explained.

Horse racing in Buenos Aires Province stopped in March after the president, Alberto Fernández, imposed a compulsory quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading. While casinos and bingos remain closed, the aim of provincial lotteries is to reopen this week as the 919/2020 Administrative Decision exempts officers from the lockout.