Melco Release Sustainability Report And Offer Responsible Gaming

Melco Resorts and Entertainment has released its 2019 sustainability report ‘Above and Beyond’ which highlights the need for the company to continue raising the bar on industry standards in responsible gaming and safeguarding vulnerable players.

It is stated in the report that responsible gaming ‘requires us to build long term relationships, rooted in shared values, with governments, regulators, research institutions, colleagues, the community and other key stakeholders in the gaming industry.’

It highlighted its three-pronged strategy of offering a solid foundation for responsible gaming in its resorts, including technology and operation, community engagement, and colleague awareness.

Lauding the success of the company in becoming ‘the first operator in Asia’ to introduce facial recognition, the report states that it solidates our position as a leader in RG’s industry.

In 2016, Melco launched facial recognition protection systems at each entrance to its gaming facilities in Macau, with the study highlighting the technology extension to its Manila and Cyprus resorts.

The report claimed that, with the addition of its patented biometric intelligence program, MelGuard, the firm has continued its ‘relentless pursuit’ of its technical infrastructure to enable self exclusion.

Developed by Melco, the study lauded MelGuard as the ‘world’s first biometric intelligence system for responsible gaming’.  The system is set to use biometric indicators to prevent restricted individuals from entering the casino premise, including self-exclusions, whilst complying with data privacy requirements.

Set to provide state-of-the-art security for future operations in Japan, Melguard is expected to operate in tandem with the ‘My Number’ card.

In terms of civic engagement, the organisation met regulatory criteria for operators to show responsible gaming information for their guests in their resorts when engaging people in their communities on the topic ‘actively.’

The study described Melco’s televised public service advertisements in Macau, collaborating with a local production company to create an awareness-raising television ad for responsible gaming. In addition, the firm, in partnership with a local non-governmental organisation, Gaming Employee Home of Macau, conducted workshops to provide ‘comfortable settings’ to talk about responsible gaming.

Melco’s Above and Beyond study also mentioned its collaboration with universities and research institutes, in which the company donated $650,000 to support research on Responsible Gaming in gaming and education.

The final phase in the company’s commitment to responsible gaming illustrates the value of training colleagues. The study focused on its training programme with the firm highlighting its ‘engagement to educate each colleague on responsible gambling in an creative yet comprehensive approach.’

To date, following the launch of its e-learning edition in January of this year, Melco colleagues have filled up 90,208 responsible gambling training seats worldwide.

Speaking on the article, Melco Resorts & Entertainment chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho commented: “Last year, Melco’s inaugural Above & Beyond sustainability strategy set out a comprehensive series of bold, strategic initiatives and ambitions to confront systemic issues within the hospitality industry.

“One year on, amidst the current economic uncertainty, we remain firmly driven by our focus around our sustainability goals. They stand at the core of our strategy and have become part of daily operations for our entire workforce, from top to bottom.

“Through sustained efforts and reporting, we will carry on protecting the environment for future generations, mitigating climate risks as we continue embracing responsible development as a catalyst for growth and positive change, all whilst enhancing our guest experiences.

“Furthermore, building upon Melco’s philosophy of giving back to the community, the Company continues to stand together with the people of Macau as we deploy employees en masse to offer support for communities impacted by recent events.”