FANDOM Appoint Segev LLP In iGaming Licence Endeavours

FANDOM SPORTS Media has appointed Segev LLP as the lead lawyer on all global iGaming licencing endeavours. The Company will conduct a strategic review to prioritise jurisdictions that will enable the company to effectively and on a scale broaden its regulatory footprint.

Segev LLP employs a large iGaming team with expertise in corporate , business, IP marketing, M&A, private equity finance, capital markets finance, privacy and data, and regulatory and compliance.

The Business also established a domain and brand identity surrounding the betting site ahead of the iGaming initiative. unifies the strategic strategy and the Company’s implementation opportunities.

David Vinokurov, CEO and President of Fandom Sports, said: “We are pleased to take definitive steps towards accelerating our dual initiatives of the all ages Esports engagement platform and the pure play regulated Esports betting platform.

“Regulated Esports betting is now a mainstream business opportunity and there is an implied quantifiable value for these types of businesses. We look forward to accelerating our licensing initiatives and building a true global Esports betting brand that is fully regulatory and compliant.”


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