Ezugi To Launch State-Of-The-Art Live Dealer Jackpot Roulette.

The developer and distributor of gaming software Ezugi is expected to unleash a state-of-the-art live dealer game called Jackpot Roulette.

Powered by Blue Ribbon Interactive, this game will be carried out to the partners and players of the business along with its next-level anticipation and will offer entertaining and very realistic jackpots.

Blue Ribbon produces advanced jackpot based games containing enormous marketing potential and high retention rates for users. This specific title will be accessible to all operators as part of the most recent introduction to the roulette games library extension of the Colombian-based business.

Progressive jackpots are increasingly popular with players everywhere and offer a perfect way to improve engagement.

Operator-specific jackpots are easy to tailor and can satisfy most demands. The Operators will seed private casino jackpots to inspire player involvement.

Ezugi clients, who have recently signed an agreement with Groove Gaming, will be able to arrange jackpots across a variety of main scenarios, such as time-driven (hourly, monthly, weekly, etc.) or event-driven declines, single and multi-level jackpots, local group or even performance-based rewards, all intended to bring full benefits to the operator ‘s promotional campaign operation.

Ezugi Chief Commercial Officer Ben Zairi commented: “The past year for Ezugi was all about enriching our offering and elevating our services. Now, with state-of-the-art studio facilities, cutting-edge game interface, certificates & licenses from top regulated markets, unique new Asian content, it was time for us to improve our retention & marketing tools. BlueRibbon was a natural choice for us, mainly because their software is customisable and allows operators to manage and control campaigns according to their understanding of the market, tailored to fit their marketing budget.

This flexibility fits Ezugi philosophy to provide customised services. I am also pleased to announce, that after a few successful private jackpot campaigns, we are now working to launch our first ever network campaign this summer, fully sponsored by Ezugi.”

BlueRibbon, which earned a Class II gaming licence earlier this year, maintains that its player engagement app was preferred by leading operators because it provides a different kind of interaction and loyalty with tailor-made jackpots.

CEO Amir Askarov thanked Ezugi for being one of the leading suppliers of live casino and partnering with the company to deliver jackpot opportunities to expand their product selection.