Dynam Seeks Approval For Casino Video Slots In Singapore

Dynam Japan Holdings Co Ltd, listed in Hong Kong, says it is seeking regulatory approval from Singapore for a series of casino video slot machine products which it has been involved in developing. The series’ Macau-approved units that feature a “pachinko game concept” have already been built at two Macau casinos.

Following Thursday’s announcement of its annual results and an update mostly on the effect of Covid-19 on its core pachinko parlour service in Japan, management listed the seeking Singapore approval at a Hong Kong briefing by Dynam Japan.

The games Dynam Japan hopes to be accepted for the casino market in Singapore are: “Fortune Frogs;” “Fortune Frogs in Mid-Autumn;” and “Double Frogs,” according to Thursday’s details. The titles had been installed in November of last year at the Legend Palace casino in Macau. These items were also launched in January this year in the gaming floor of the Ponte 16 casino hotel.

Dynam Japan developed the casino video slot machine series with Singapore-based Weike Gaming Technology (S) Ptd Ltd, which is itself a known manufacturer of gaming machines for the Singapore market. At last year’s Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Asia, a Weike executive said that the Fortune Frogs product line is aimed at “well-regulated markets,” like Singapore.

Gaming operations at two casino resorts in the city-state – Marina Bay Sands, owned by a U.S.-based Las Vegas Sands Corp, and Resorts World Sentosa, operated by Genting Singapore Ltd – have been closed since April 7 to combat Covid-19 ‘s local spread. The Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore last week reported that the casinos will remain shuttered beyond June 1.

On Thursday Hisao Katsuta, a Dynam Japan director, said his company is still looking to make a profit for its current fiscal year ending March 31, 2021 with better trading in the second half of fiscal year. That was despite the negative impact from the time Japan placed a national state of emergency in response to the Covid-19 attack on the company’s domestic pachinko hall market.

The last places to emerge from emergency measures were Tokyo and Hokkaido, on May 25, in Japan – a nation seeking to launch its own casino industry and looking to Singapore and other well-regulated markets for a lead on how to do it.

Dynam Japan had not laid off any of its 16,000 workers nor intended to do so in response to the Covid-19 crisis, Mr Katsuta said.