NCPG Elects Five New Board Directors

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) elected its Board of Directors to five members. The first term was won by Mary Drexler, Maureen Greeley, and Susan Sheridan Tucker; and the second term was re-elected by Michael Burke, JD, and Marc Potenza, MD.

All will serve a term from July 2020 to July 2023. During the past, but not recently, Drexler and Greeley had both served as board members.

NCPG Executive Director Keith Whyte said: “We couldn’t be happier with the new additions to our Board of Directors and Advisory Board. Leadership is crucial and they bring a diversity of experience that will be invaluable in helping guide NCPG through these turbulent times.”

Burke, the Michigan Association’s Executive Director on Problem Gambling, travels around the US giving gambling talks and has spoken in more than 40 states.

Drexler brings almost 40 years of experience in the social care sector and 12 years in the prevention and management of serious gambling issues. As Program Manager for the Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling since 2017, she is responsible for coordinating the Center’s programmes in gambling problem prevention , education, recovery, peer support and public policy.

Since 1998 Greeley has worked for and for the Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling, and in November 2006 became Executive Director. She sits on the Problem Gambling Advisory Board for the Mental Health Administration of the Washington State Department of Social and Human Services, in Washington State.

Potenza is a board-certified psychiatrist who specialises in psychiatric addiction. His research focuses on how behavioural addictions are similar to drug addictions, and yet vary from them.

He is a professor of psychiatry at Yale University in the Child Study Center and Neuroscience; Director of the Yale Center of Excellence in Gambling Research and the Yale Program for Research on Impulsivity and Impulse Control Disorders, and Director for Women and Addiction Disorders at the Yale Women’s Health Research Center. He also works as Senior Scientist on Problem Gambling on the Connecticut Committee.

Tucker is the Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance’s executive director, and has over 25 years of non-profit experience. She also worked on Wall Street, and was part of the training programme in the first class in which traded options.