Poll Shows Players Eager To Return To Casino

According to a poll, Colorado casinos may reopen as early as mid-June, and players are eager to return to land based gaming in the Centennial State.

Of the 139 consumers included in the report, 75 percent said they would go back to casinos as soon as they were available.

But while there was overwhelming support for reopening, there was caution about casino security too, with 75 percent saying they intend to wear a mask when visiting a casino and 50 percent emphasising the importance of casinos taking social distancing security measures.

An 18 percent more circumspect group suggested that they would possibly wait a couple of weeks before returning, while 7 percent said they would wait more than a month to return. Only one person said they would never go back to a casino in Colorado.

While eager to return to the casinos in Colorado, most respondents intend to take security measures, and expect operators to do the same. Half of the survey participants said it was “very important” for casinos to take steps to separate themselves from society and allow workers to wear protective masks.

About 25 percent said these indicators were “somewhat important.” The remaining participants were divided between “neither important nor unimportant” and “don’t care at all.”

In addition to the casino rules, many respondents tend to take their own safety precautions. When asked “Do you plan on wearing a mask when you return to  Colorado casinos to gamble?   ‘Yes’ was the reply of 75 percent .

Chris Nesi, Managing Editor for said: “The survey has showcased just how much the casino industry in Colorado will change as a result of Covid-19. When properties re-open, players expect policies and safety measures that will fundamentally alter the casino experience. The casinos will return, but Colorado’s gambling landscape will look different for the foreseeable future.”

The survey by also asked: “What would help convince you to go to a casino again?” Free-play deals and free hotel stays respectively led the way with 50 percent and 3o percent of responses. Rewards for dining and drinks and raised points of bonuses hold little value at 10 percent and 8 percent.

Given this month ‘s introduction of legal sports betting in Colorado and continuing casino closures, respondents appeared strongly opposed to online casinos. In total, 67 percent of participants said that if the state allowed them, they would not use online casinos.