Casino Game Maker Launch Terminal For Safer Gaming

This week, Utah-based Casino Game Maker Inc launched its electronic table game terminal FENRIR. Built around the company’s gaming platform VALHALLA+, the unit allows players to wager from a single terminal on live and virtual games at the same time.

Featuring a 27′′ high definition touchscreen, USB 3.0 mobile phone charging ports, and high-fidelity sound, Fenrer ‘s compact footprint and Safety Shield feature provide a solution for operators looking to modify their floors to meet the new safety guidelines.

Engineering director Brian Dalley said: “This top of the line terminal incorporates Casino Game Maker’s Gaming Platform, VALHALLA+. This platform offers the latest gaming technologies with industry leading flexibility to adapt to today’s rapidly changing gaming environment. Multiple game types can be played on one device, at the same time. This includes playing live dealer table games while playing Class III slots or poker.

“As the industry and regulators adapt to the new normal of social distancing and safety guidelines, these technologies will help casinos continue to offer exciting games to their players. Offering new games, custom content and meeting new regulations becomes easier when you choose FENRIR.”

Andrzej Surmacz, the firm’s President said: “Even before COVID-19, the global market for electronic table games was expected to grow significantly.

“With the new reality, it appears that the growth could be exponential. Casino Game Maker is focused on developing solutions to help casinos comply with the new safety guidelines. We have also developed visually appealing safety shields for our electronic table game terminal.”

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