FlowPlay Offers Gamers New ‘Live Game Night’

A new option is open to FlowPlay social gamers who have released ‘Live Game Night,’ a new online video game service that provides a more immersive experience that will make you feel like you’re sitting at the same table.

FlowPlay has previously served both customers and business with free-to-play mobile experiences, but for desktop players, Live Game Night is currently only available. Still, seeing all your buddies in all their glory, with multiple screens on yours could be the easiest way. With extensive multiplayer infrastructure, industry-leading rates of monetisation and proven track record, FlowPlay believes they ‘re the best company to bring Live Game Night to social poker players and other gamers looking to enjoy a new game.

The Chief Executive Officer of FlowPlay, Derrick Morton, talked at these specific times about the benefits of social gaming.

“Online games are so much more than entertainment,” he said. “They are an escape from today’s uncertain times, a means for keeping in touch with old friends and a place to create new ones.”

The social dimension can really reach out in these unusual times to those suffering from loneliness.

“Everyone misses poker night, and trivia night with their friends, family and neighbours.” Morton continues. “With Live Game Night, we wanted to mirror real life as much as possible to start giving people back some of their favourite social experiences. We’re confident our technology will help our players feel like they’re staring at a poker face across the table – not across a screen.”

To participate, players must register on the official website with FlowPlay, and then either start or join a Live Game Night. The host will invite up to five guests, which means at most it’s six-max action, but if you don’t want it to be, it doesn’t have to be a complete crowd. With 65 % of Americans living in lockdown and the app likely to be on mobile devices soon, this creative way to put together more people to play poker will be popular with many social gamers.

Recently, FlowPlay has made a major donation to charity by setting up a page on their Vegas World game – which has seen a massive increase in tourists themselves – to contribute to the American Cancer Society ( ACS) Hope Lodge initiative, which has given rooms for healthcare professionals during shifts during the COVID-19 crisis and raised $100,000 so far.

Next time you ‘re considering planning a fun online meeting-up or conference call poker game, you may want to make it a kind of Live Game Night evening.