Stats Perform Backs IBIA’s Calls Of New Age Data Collaboration

Stats Perform has promoted calling for sport data and betting stakeholders to work together and develop a ‘global best practise model’ through the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA).

IBIA Chief Executive Khalid Ali urged this week for deeper cooperation between data-providers to protect all sports against potential threats.

Ali explained in his statement that the global pandemic highlighted the need for incumbents in sport technology to maintain the reliability and integrity in sport data as paramount.

He emphasised that all stakeholders would benefit from creating a reliable data supply chain that guarantees the highest accuracy and accountability standards possible.

In response to the IBIA ‘s demands, the leadership of Stats Perform confirmed that it had consistently promoted principles of best practise to apply through incumbents.

As the leading provider of sports data for North American and European sports, Stats Perform commended the IBIA for instructing its membership to work together on sensitive areas.

Head of Integrity Jake Marsh stated: “At Stats Perform, we have the strongest quality assurance and integrity processes in place across the whole data supply chain and have a long-standing collaborative approach with the sport and betting industry, which is reflected by our many partnerships, including our affiliate membership of the IBIA.

“We look forward to working with all their members and other stakeholders on best practices in order to help protect the integrity of sport and betting.”

Noteworthy, Stats Perform highlighted the need to establish best practises in the areas of risk management and data quality in the midst of a rapidly changing sporting scene, as other US states regulate their wagering markets.

After its merger last year, which merged Stats US and Perform Europe’s assets, an expanded Stats Perform has made investments in data quality control to the degree that it ‘carries a premium price point’ items.

Andrew Ashing, chief betting officer at Stats commented: “Over many years we have invested in unparalleled integrity and quality control infrastructure and that investment continues to be at the heart of our operations.

“Data integrity issues wherever they originate are harmful for the industry and we are looking forward to contributing our expertise via the IBIA and its members on the development of global best practice.

“We have always maintained that collaboration in this space across sporting federations, governing bodies, third party integrity providers, regulators, operators and data suppliers is vital.”