Habet Addictions Healthcare Links Up With Pinnacle

Habet Addiction Healthcare has named Pinnacle Wellbeing Services as its first founding partner, which declares a mission of “working to tackle the issue of gambling addiction in a more positive and sustainable way.”

The Habet programme is built with an engaging website and a virtual reality environment to promote healthy mental wellbeing. The implementation in the gaming industry offers treatment to those with symptoms of compulsive gambling behaviour

Gaming operators should be able to incorporate Habet as part of their responsible gambling toolkit, and directly refer customers to access services and help.

Habet CEO Dion Croom explained: “We launched the founding partner’s programme to engage a small number of key stakeholders in the final stages of designing our service before roll-out.

“Habet are a facilitator to positive mental health; it is crucial that we get the right inputs to achieve the world-class service we are aiming to deliver to our users next year. I am delighted that during this Mental Health Awareness Week we can announce that a company as high calibre as Pinnacle Wellbeing Services have agreed to work with us.

“Their clinical input will be invaluable as will their ability to test the system with real-life counsellors and users.  I also hope to be able to announce our founding partners from the gaming industry soon.”

Pinnacle will take advantage of numerous unique PR and branding opportunities as an early adopter of the Habet program, as well as the opportunity to operate their own virtual practise from inside the ‘Habetat.’

Pinnacle was founded by Richard Reid in 2005 as a Mayfair-based therapy clinic, and recently opened a new hub in the Isle of Man. They provide foreign clients with a variety of clinical resources as well as corporate preparation, coaching, and consultancy.

Reid have added: “I’m excited to be working with Habet, we already provide psychological services, corporate training, coaching and consultancy online but the Habet platform will enable us to take this to the next level and interact with our international customers in a unique and innovative way. I look forward to creating my virtual therapy room and conducting my first session in a virtual environment.”

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