Codere SA Seeking Emergency Funding Solutions

According to Spanish business news source La Razon, Codere SA is seeking emergency funding solutions that have failed to convince creditors to help their company recovery plans.

The embattled gambling group Bolsa Madrid has failed to secure an additional € 100m credit line to keep Spanish and LaTam retail units floating during lockdown.

Codere is currently sustaining its company on the verge of bankruptcy via a €130 million credit facility that is expected to run out by the close of trading in July.

Future expectations see Codere facing higher interest rates on its corporate debt of €800 million, having delayed repayments in April in order to seek new funding options.

Meanwhile, financial advisor Bank of America has failed to renegotiate terms of debt maturity with US bondholders Codere ‘s Silver Point and Abrams Capital.

The eyes of Bolsa Madrid have turned to the next actions of Codere president Norman Sorensen to collect immediate money.

In a race against time, with a view to selling its individual South American business units (Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay), Codere could secure a further amnesty for debt paid.

However, a selling option for LaTam would be undertaken under unfavourable conditions, following currency collapses reported across its entire portfolio in South America.

Other options mentioned by La Razon include Codere engaged in ‘several discussions’ with US private funds Pimco and Carlyle Group to take over the debt holdings of the company.