ASA Reports Gambling Ads For Minors At Lowest Point

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has reported that gambling advertising visibility for under-18s is now at the lowest point since 2008.

The report entitled ‘Children’s exposure to age-restricted TV ads: 2019 update’ found that the number of TV ads seen in 2019 by children aged 4-15 dropped to 115.9 ads per week, falling significantly from the peak of 229.3 ads per week in 2013.

Similar to general exposure, gambling advertising subjection also dropped significantly. Children were on average exposed to 4.4 gambling ads per week at its peak in 2013. That fell to 2.5 per week in 2019, the lowest since 2008 at 2.2.

Gambling TV ad exposure for younger children aged 4-9 was an average of 2.3 ads per week in 2019, while the average exposure for older children (10-15) was 2.6.

Guy Parker, CEO of ASA, said: “Our latest report shows that children’s exposure to TV ads for alcohol and gambling products remains low. We will continue our proactive monitoring to make sure this remains the case for TV ads as well as carrying out further monitoring online so that we limit children’s exposure to age-restricted ads wherever they appear.”

Bingo, lottery and scratch card advertisements make up the majority of adverts children watch on TV, followed by casino advertisements and then sports betting advertisements.

Children’s changing media consumption patterns have increasingly influenced the decrease in exposure – likely to be driven by their growing use of electronic media such as on-demand and online video usage, as well as interaction with social media.

In order to remain ‘vigilant’ in monitoring the exposure of minors to online gambling ads, the ASA has used new technology to ensure that it can take ‘quick and effective action’ where it identifies any issues.