Svenska Spel Introduces IGT’s IGTPay For Cashless Payments

Svenska Spel has inaugurated a ‘new era of gaming’ by announcing that it has introduced cashless payment provisions of IGT’s ‘IGTPay’ across its venues.

Having recently upgraded its VLT operating platform to IGT’s ‘INTELLIGEN’ and Quasar systems, Sweden’s gambling monopoly has expanded its venue payment ability.

The upgrade allows customers of Svenska Spel to have the option to transact with VLT terminals safely and securely through their mobile devices.

Magnus Lannersund, VLT operations Director at Svenska Spel AB said: “Launching IGT’s cashless product provides our players with a reliable, cutting-edge cashless solution that connects directly with the Swish mobile app, helping us drive efficiencies while responsibly advancing the player experience.”

Since 2018, IGT has led the Svenska Spel venues’ technology-focused modernisation initiative, undertaking an upgrade of about 5000 VLTs in Sweden’s gaming halls.

Further project upgrades have seen the retail player management provisions of Svenska Spel revised by IGT and improved end-to – end maintenance of the venue, installing its centralised Quasar system.

Svenska Spel has branded the cashless implementation of IGTPay as a big corporate initiative, streamlining its venue ‘s commitment to modern customers, while also complying entirely with Swedish cashless transaction rules.

Ryan Reddy, Vice President of Systems and Payments Products at IGT, added: “As the relevance of cashless and contactless gaming innovations continues to grow, technologies such as IGT INTELLIGEN with IGTPay become critical components of the player experience, and solutions that can bring tremendous value to our global customers.

“We have established a dedicated Payments Team to ensure that customers such as Svenska Spel are equipped with IGT solutions and services that deliver modern payment options that align with consumer expectations and future business opportunities.”