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Fans Unite, a Canadian sporting, gaming and entertainment business has purchased online Scottish bookmaker in a $2.2 m transaction. Ex-Tote employees Damian Walker and Paul Petrie launched McBookie 11 years ago to serve the Scottish-betting marketplace.

The deal is an ideal match for both parties. Dundee-based now has the funding to pursue aggressive growth ambitions, while Fans Unite recently floated can tick off its first major acquisition.

Petrie remarked: “We have always believed in the huge potential of the McBookie brand and the investment from Fans Unite will finally allow us to fulfil that. These are exciting times ahead and Damian and I will remain as directors and continue to run day-to-day operations.”

Fans Unite, which specialises in the production of cutting-edge sports and gaming technology, opened on May 5th on the Canadian stock exchange.

CEO Darius Eghdami said: “McBookie is our first major acquisition and we are really excited about the massive potential for growth for the brand. The Scottish betting market is a significant one and we aim to greatly increase McBookie’s market share.”

Additionally, with its ongoing sponsorship of the Scottish Junior Leagues, McBookie has been a strong supporter of grass-roots football and will also be searching for potential opportunities and partnerships as it continues to expand.

Petrie also added: “McBookie has a very strong brand and with the added marketing resources behind us we see lots of great opportunities ahead. The Scottish sports betting market is still largely undervalued by the big operators, who at best treat Scottish customers as an afterthought, whereas we will continue to put them at the front and centre of our offering.”

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