Lottoland And Moplay Sign Deals With Rightlander


Rightlander has signed a couple of deals to Lottoland and MoPlay, with both companies aiming to improve affiliate enforcement and enhance their responsible gambling initiatives.

Using the enforcement solution offered by the vendor, both have access to a variety of resources including the automatic compliance tracker, the PPC monitor and the proactive affiliate finder.

Ian Sims, Rightlander founder, stated: “We are thrilled to have signed on Lottoland and MoPlay and look forward to assisting them in their efforts to improve affiliate compliance.

“The Gambling Commission has made it very clear that the onus is on operators to ensure affiliates are acting responsibly, and Rightlander takes on much of the leg work required to do this.”

Lottoland and MoPlay will be alerted to affiliate websites linked to their products via the enforcement monitor that they are currently unaware of, thus allowing those sending traffic to their websites to act responsibly.

The innovative affiliate finder often searches millions of web pages each month to identify new and popular sites across geo-locations including the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, and the US.

“Our partnership with Rightlander will allow us to properly monitor our affiliate partners and ensure compliance,” commented Stephanie Cook, senior affiliate manager at Lottoland.

“We strongly believe that when it comes to affiliate compliance, the buck stops with the operator and we look forward to working with Rightlander.”

By using Rightlander, Lottoland and MoPlay hope to show the UK Gambling Commission and other authorities that they are doing their best to ensure that partners delivering traffic to their websites act responsibly.

Mark Henrich, general counsel at MoPlay, added: “Compliance is key for us at MoPlay and the Rightlander compliance platform is the most efficient way for us to monitor affiliate content. Rightlander enables us to quickly and efficiently check all affiliate sites to ensure that their links are up-to-date and all their content is GBGC compliant.”



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