BitBoss To Accommodate Genesis Upgrade With Keyring Libraries Update

BitBoss, the innovator in blockchain gambling, is taking measures to guarantee a smooth transition of their software into 2020. The firm has announced that they would upgrade their Keyring libraries to promote the fresh sort of OP_FALSE_OP_RETURN type script, a compulsory stage as Bitcoin SV (BSV) arrives with its 2020 Genesis upgrade to the initial Bitcoin protocol.

The firm produced the announcement in its medium post on September 26: “Keyring has been updated to support the new OP_FALSE_OP_RETURN script type.”

In the release, they noted, “This change will ensure that all apps being developed with Keyring will maintain consistent behaviour both now and after the Bitcoin SV Genesis upgrade.”

The need to create this shift came from the technical director of the Bitcoin SV node project, Steve Shadders, to their software in the context of a July article. In his article, “The Return of OP RETURN–Roadmap to Part 4 of Genesis,” Shadders described OP Return’s background, and how Satoshi Nakamoto had to change Bitcoin’s initial software as it did not function as planned, efficiently patching it to operate differently. With the dedication of BSV to return to the original protocol of BSV.

With this return to shape, developers were told to update their own code in order to stay complaining. BitBoss is getting months ahead of the shift by pursuing Shadders ‘ guidance, while not harming their present apps, and ensuring that their software is proven in the future.

If you’re not familiar with BitBoss Keyring Libraries, they’re a code compilation that allows any developer to readily incorporate BSV into their implementation, including constructing Bitcoin wallets into their features. They published them for the first time at the beginning of 2019 to assist promote BSV development.

But for that purpose they were not initially constructed. BitBoss constructed this software in-house with the initial purpose of providing Bitcoin features in BitBoss matches in their own creation of Bitcoin gambling apps.

Thanks to this update, other designers can now add Bitcoin SV features to their games, including in the gambling society, and are confident that it will function well into the future.

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