Bingoal Joins IBIA As New Operator

The Belgian retail and online gaming company Bingoal has joined the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) as the new operator.

Bingoal will incorporate its sportsbook service with the global betting integrity monitoring and warning network of IBIA by becoming an IBIA member, sharing details with approximately 85 other brands on suspicious betting activities.

Joeri Impens, Bingoal ‘s CEO, commented: “As a socially responsible business, Bingoal recognises that maintaining the integrity of our sportsbook product is an essential pillar of our commitment towards protecting our customers and the sporting events on which we offer markets.

“IBIA is the world leader in this area and its global operational focus and capacity to protect its members’ businesses was an important factor in our decision to join the association.”

This year, Bingoal is the fifth organisation to join the IBIA, after five new members in 2019. The Belgian operator would profit from the security and business protection measures of the network.

Khalid Ali, CEO of IBIA, added: “Bingoal is a very welcome addition to IBIA’s monitoring and alert platform and increases the association’s global regulated market oversight.

“The operator adds both retail and online intelligence capacity, with the former often being overlooked in the wider integrity data gathering debate. It is very pleasing that responsible operators such as Bingoal continue to recognise the importance of integrity and see IBIA as their preferred partner.”

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