Biloxi, Mississippi Could Be In Line For A New Casino

A great spot for a casino is the old Tivoli Hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi. That’s the confident statement from a developed that would like to turn the beachfront property into the newest casino resort in a Biloxi. The first move was taken by Biloxi Capital, which sent a notice of intent about a week ago to request permission to use the 30-acre property for its massive development.

Biloxi Capital bought the land for over $40 million about 13 years ago, but hasn’t done much with it ever since. It sits adjacent to the Biloxi Yacht Club and since 2007 the area has been zoned for gambling, offering the possibilities of better than 50-50 chances to a casino being permitted.

Biloxi states, according to the notice:“The Applicant anticipates that the establishment will contain approximately 100,000 square feet of gaming space and approximately 2,000 slot machines and 75 table games. The project will include approximately 1,300 hotel rooms, 100,000 square feet of convention space and other amenities as approved by the Mississippi Gaming Commission.”

The real estate developer Danny Conwill is involved in Biloxi Capital, who reports that, if accepted, around $600 million will be spent on the new venue. It will provide a gaming area of 100,000 square feet with 2,000 slot machines and 75 gaming tables. It will also have about 1,300 hotel rooms, a 100,000-square-foot convention centre and other facilities to be approved by the Mississippi Gaming Commission (MGC).

At key points, the plan has already gained some support. Mayor of Biloxi Andrew Gilich after getting wind of the notice said the site was: “is in the very heart of the East Biloxi waterfront area where the city has focused its development efforts. The project as proposed, will complement many of the initiatives on which we have been working.”

Councilman Felix Gines concurs. He states, “A development of this nature in East Biloxi will only help stimulate other much needed developments such as housing and retail growth. There isn’t a better location in Biloxi to help stimulate and kick start growth in the area.”

Biloxi Capital must now submit a request to the MGC for approval. Allen Godfrey, the commission’s executive director, is aware of the notice to be submitted and is waiting to see the request itself. If all goes well, sometime next month, Biloxi Capital expects to obtain the green light for the venture.

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