Big Win 777 Slot

The Play n Go Company designed this highly volatile slot game with the graphics, sounds, and themes all in check for you. Its simple look brings out the best features that any gambler can look out for in a game.

In this slot review, we will discuss the Big Win 777 slot game. We take a look at every aspect of the game. We will look at the game’s graphics, symbols, and feature appearance in the game, RTP, volatility, pay lines, and stakes. The highest wager a gambler can win and other winning features attached in the game.

We will also look at who the game creators are, their portfolio when they started, and any awards they have worn. Above all, what makes them stand out?

So, let us have a look at the Big Win 777 Slot Game. 

About Big Win 777 Slot Game

Big win 777 slot game is a creation of Play n GO. Known for their highly flashy games, they did not disappoint when creating this slot game. The game is a Vegas-style slot and thrills you with its simple design packed with lots of fun for the gamers to get a position and spin the chance wheel.

You get thrilled by the music playing in the background as you get awakened by the speakers that keep announcing the game highlights. Take a look at the setup, and you get amazed by the illumination of the disco pillars and neon strips. 

The design of symbols in the game makes it much easier for you to spot them on the reel. They include double red 7s triple golden 7s, and the most rewarding wild in the form of a diamond. Again you can see the single, double and triple bars on the reel.

The game comes on a setup of five reels, with 15 pay lines, making it a highly volatile game with an RTP of 96.5%. That means it is an above-average game for you to win some generous returns on the bet placed. 

The Big win 777 features some amazing features to add spice to the gaming experience as you harvest your returns. The features include the wilds, which keep expanding, booster spin, chance wheel, and free spins. 

You also get an opportunity to stake as low as 15 cents and get to the highest wager of £90, which might earn you a maximum of 5000× your bet amount.

The sad attention goes to the jackpot win. Only if the Play n Go team would have included the jackpot in the game, then would it be a game for every gambling addict. Unfortunately, the jackpot is missing in this game.

Big win 777 slot game is almost available on all mobile platforms. More so, the optimized game works for small screens. That means you can have a chance to place your bet on the go, anywhere, and at any time.

How To Play The Big Win 777 Slot Game

You have five reels, three rows, and 15 fixed pay lines for you to explore. You also have chances combined with other free bonus features and free spins from the game setup.

1. Look out for the following symbols in the game; singles, doubles, and triple lucky symbols. Also, locate the wild characterized in a diamond form, and the wheel scatter. The fixed pay lines play from left to right, starting with the reel’s far-left pay line.

2. You can start by placing your stake with the lowest amount of 15 coins per spin. During the gameplay, you have a chance to adjust your coins. You can wage as low as 15 cents, and the highest stake is £90 on every spin you make.

3. The gameplay presents you with other paying features rated differently. We have the low-paying symbols and the high-paying symbols on the reel. Low-paying symbols only cater for the value of two of a kind, while the high value features seven and the rough diamonds.

4. The booster spin feature helps you win on reel 1, reel 3, and reel 5. That happens when you land three scatters after the random trigger of the booster spin.

5. After you have landed the three scatters on reel 1, 3, and 5, you then trigger the chance wheel or wheel of fortune. Spin the chance wheel and win cash on your bet from 5× and 777×.

The more you have an opportunity under the fortune wheel to trigger free spins, which includes the 12 free spins to start with.

6. In the wheel of chance, you have an opportunity to play with the wilds. When the diamond wilds appear on the reel, they can stick on the reel for the next two free spins. During this time, acquire 1 or 2 scatters on the reel and then win 5, 10, or even 20 free extra spins.

7. On the Big WIN 777 slot machine game, each gambler has an equal chance of winning 777 times the stake while playing the Wheel of fortune. However, when playing the bonus free spins, gamers get a window to win up to 5,000 times the bet amount in a single spin.

8. But there is more to winning. The sticky wild symbol helps you win more because of its ability to expand on the reel during the free additional spins.

9. While playing, put your attention on the wild diamond feature. It is a feature that pays 66.66 times every time you land 5 of its kind. Look for the feature, compare it with the game’s RTP, and you have encouraging returns on your bet.

Interactive Features

The Big Win 777 slot machine game has a feature that keeps the panthers glued to the game. Thanks to the various symbols that allow the game to be successful during play.

Progressive Jackpot

A jackpot is a payout feature that gamers have to play as a separate round during the gameplay. The jackpot, when won, you pocket a substantial amount of money.

Unfortunately, Big win 777 neither does it have a progressive jack nor a normal jackpot. However, that does not hinder you from winning big on the reel when playing Big Win 777. 

The game poses other bonus features that you can combine with RTP, and you bug good cash more than the jackpot.

Bonus Games

The big Win 777 slot machine game hosts the bonus game and features that keep you glued on the reel. The presence of the chance wheel round provides you to enjoy freebies and make more money.

Apart from the bonus game, you are also offered bonus free spins on the reel. Again you have the booster spin, which gives you better returns on your bet.

It is a classic game with classic features that allow you to win 777 times on the spin wheel. You can win up to 5000 times your bet just by participating in the bonus game and bonus free spins.

What is amazing is the unlimited number of spins you get to make while playing the bonus game round and the free spins you have in each round. The diamond wilds keep spreading on the reel, increasing your chance to win the highest amount on your bet in every spin you make.


The Play n Go team did an impressive job and included sparkling features appealing to the gamer while earning you good cash. Keep looking for the symbols in the game and win cash just by taking advantage of its main purpose on the reel.

The symbols included in this game are

The wild symbol 

It is in a diamond form. The wild replaces all other symbols in the game to create a win.

The scatter symbol. 

To land a scatter symbol, you need to participate in a booster spin which triggers three scatter symbols.

The bar symbols are denoted in the following colours, blue, red, purple, and golden.

What Symbol Triggers Big Win 777 Slot Bonus Free Spins?

During play, the gambler has a chance to participate in a booster spin. The booster spins feature triggers randomly and can help a gambler land extra scatters on the reel. The reels that scatter symbols land on include 1, 3, and 5.

You also get an opportunity to play the fortune money wheel after the scatter symbol lands randomly on the reel. It’s at this chance wheel that you can win some cash. It is on these chance wheels that you also trigger bonus free spins.

All the diamond wilds that stick on the reel after others have replaced the scatter symbols. So, the scatter symbol triggers the bonus free spins in the Big Win 777 slot machine game.

Pay Lines And Stakes

Pay lines

The Big Win 777 has 15 fixed pay lines on the reel. The arrangement of the pay lines runs from the left to the right on the reel. 

The gambler gets a chance to win cash depending on how the symbols fall on the pay lines. When the scatter symbols land on pay lines 1, 3, and 5, you get to participate in a booster spin.


The Big Win 777 slot machine game’s stakes range from a low value of 15 cents to the highest amount of £90 per. That amount attracts up to the highest value of 5000 times your bet value. The stakes keep going higher.

The coins range in the game is 0.01, and the highest coins on a wager are 6. The game has good returns with these stake values, bonus additional features coupled with free spin, and sticky wilds. 

The gambler has a better chance of winning a maximum win of £450000.

Big Win 777 Slot Game Software

Big Win 777 slot machine game is a creation of the Play n Go company. It is headquartered in different parts of Europe, Scandinavian countries, and Nordic countries. The company started in 1997 and has been operating since then up to now.

The firm has produced and supplied high-quality games and casino content worldwide. Again it is an award-winning company on the globe. The firm has won various awards in its name. However, since 2004 the company started creating mobile content for its gamblers.

The company does not have much to talk about, but it has many games that continue to perform well and lead in the gaming world. More so, the company prides itself on graphics and sound mixing in its games. You can see that each game has its unique feature.

The games that the firm has in its closet include

  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat 
  • Casino stud poker
  • The green knight
  • House of doom 2
  • The faces of Freya

The company has won notable awards in the gaming industry. The awards include the following.

  • Digital product of the year 2020
  • The compliance officer of the year
  • Slot machine Provider of the year 2019
  • Games vendor of the year

These and many more awards are in their portfolio.

What Is Big Win Slots RTP?

Any game’s Return To Play percentage determines the game’s ability to reward the gambler a win on every wager placed. Play n Go did a splendid job and created a game with an above-average RTP of 96.50% on every bet that you place.

Therefore for every bet, you place on each spin round, you have a chance to win 96.50% of your placed bet amount. Take, for example. You place a bet of £200, and you have a chance of winning back 96.50% of your money, which in this case will be£193.

It is fairly an above-average RTP for a gambler to stake your money on.

Slot Volatility

The Big Win 777 online video slots is a high volatility game. That means the game has few chances of winning your bet. However, when the win happens, the premiums are high. 

It is important to start by staking low bet amounts as you climb and continue winning your wager.


The Play n Go Company proved its slot game creation ability by having this classic game full of pomp and colour. The game’s theme design, the graphics used to bring out the slick and beautiful background shows it is a game worth taking your money.

You can access the game on various platforms ranging from your desktop, mobile slots on smart mobile devices and other devices. Its ability to fit on a small mobile screen makes it your game on the go.

The feature included in this game makes it easy for you to win some cash. Thanks to the enticing bonus rounds, free spins, and the highest amount you can win will keep you coming back for more.

Therefore it is a game for both betting addicts and beginners as well. Go and try it.

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