BHA And IHRB Partner To Track Irish Betting

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) and the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board (IHRB) have partnered to focus on tracking betting patterns across the Irish horseracing market.

The four-year deal will see the pair working together on “different areas of intelligence,’ thus strengthening the bond between the two horseracing bodies.

“We will be working together in different areas of intelligence. It’s just a stronger link between the two of us,” an IHRB spokesman said.

Denis Egan, chief executive of the IHRB said: “We are outsourcing an element of our function. It’s the same as using a third party service provider to provide the laboratory, or to provide camera pictures. This will be a monitoring service.”

The contract, which is estimated to cost about € 350,000, is designed to emulate other data-sharing arrangements with sports around the world. Horse Racing Ireland’s 2020 budget has already seen a € 200,000 reduction in integrity service funding from the IHRB, but the tendering phase between the IHRB and the BHA has pre-empted the cuts.

Earlier this month, the BHA emphasised that, as the racing body released its gender pay estimates for 2019,’ there is still more to be done’ when it comes to narrowing the gender pay gap.

The figures showed a mean gender pay gap of 17 percent and a median difference of 9 percent, which from last year’s figures the BHA praised as an’ improvement.’