Betway Extends Sponsorship Of Brazil’s MIBR

Betway has extended for another year its sponsorship of the ‘Made in Brazil’ Brazilian pro-Counter-Strike team (commonly referred to as’ MIBR ‘).

eSports franchise

The extension of sponsorship marks the fourth consecutive year that Betway will act as MIBR’s team sponsor, known as the oldest and most profitable esports franchise in Brazil.

The renewal will see the brand Betway continue to appear on the front of the tournament jerseys of MIBR.

Longest MIBR sponsorship to date

Betway is currently the longest MIBR sponsorship to date, having helped Ricardo “DEAD” Sinigaglia, the team manager and coach, revive the pro CS:GO team in 2018.

Adam Savinson, Betway Esports Head said: “In 2018, we had the great honour of becoming founding partners of MIBR, helping to re-launch this legendary brand. Today, we are renewing our agreement to continue our fantastic relationship, at what is a really exciting time.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to offer great insight and entertainment to CS:GO fans in Brazil and around the world.”

Exclusive content and brand activations

The partnership will see both parties continuing to work during the year on exclusive content and brand activations.

Betway held two ‘MIBR Stars’ and ‘Lobby das Estrelas’ MIBR showcase events during 2020, which saw MIBR’s CS: GO players and influencers compete against each other through a variety of favourite fan prizes.

Continued support of the CS:GO community

Backing Betway, Yuri “Fly” Uchiyama, Director Of MIBR said; “We are very happy to continue our partnership with Betway.

“As MIBR prepares yet again to play in the biggest tournaments in the world, our partnership with Betway and their continued support of the CS:GO community, particularly in Brazil, has helped us grow the largest, most passionate, and engaged fan base in the world.

“We look forward to working with Betway to keep building and developing new fans and future talent.”