BettingUSA To Donate 1% Of All Proceeds To NCPG

US online gambling partner has vowed to donate one percent of all proceeds to the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), with both sides calling on others to support the effort.

The move was made to help minimise the harms it states “will likely occur” as a result of increasing the country’s gambling and sports betting.

Steve Ruddock, analyst and content director at’s said: “NCPG advocates for states to earmark one per cent of gambling revenues to responsible gaming and problem gambling programs, and since most states fall well short of that target, we believe that it is in the best interests of the industry to contribute.

“ is proud to spearhead this initiative alongside NCPG. We call on all gambling affiliates, and anyone else involved in the industry, to join us.”

All parties commented in a media release that “Gambling has economic benefits and it also has well-documented negative consequences. Because novices and seasoned bettors alike have more opportunities to place bets than ever before, there is a possibility that gambling problems and public concern will increase. “It was further cautioned that “this could lead to a backlash and subsequent restrictions on gambling operations, not unlike what is happening now in the UK”.

NCPG executive director Keith Whyte explained: “The rapid expansion of sports betting and mobile gambling has led to numerous challenges and significant opportunities for everyone involved, including affiliates.

“These gambling affiliates play an important role in the online gambling ecosystem, and they have the unique opportunity to take a leadership role in responsible gambling efforts in the emerging US market.”