BettingUSA Explores Ways Of Maximising Sports Betting Sector

Published: 15th May 2021
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 12th September 2022

This week, affiliate released a study examining how industry players can unlock the full potential of legal sports betting in the United States.

The online and mobile sports betting comparison platform polled operators, manufacturers, and regulators to find out what the industry’s early problems were. Finally, they came to the conclusion that education, technology, and responsible gambling would be the keys to the United States being the world’s largest legal sports betting market.

Education a big obstacle

Patrick Eichner of PointsBet, who was quoted in the article, said: “Education is a big obstacle in every state you launch. And it really plays itself out because sports betting is not a national opportunity; it’s very much state-by-state. It’s an entirely new process and each time you need to make tweaks to appeal to the consumer. It’s always going to rear its head, too.” 

Carousel Group’s Daniel Graetzer added the following take: “As the competition is moving at lightning pace, we are doubling down on product this year, with a significant investment into growing our UX, product and development teams as we grow from a single state operator to a national, multi-state one.”

In-play betting

Simon Noble, of Champion Sports said: “American sports are perfect for in-play betting and this, combined with the reams of data that is available, means that players will quickly come to expect these markets and odds, so long as the enabling legislation in each state allows for them to be offered remotely.” 

On the regulatory front, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s Douglas Harback stated: “The market for sports betting is significant and in high demand. It would be foolish to think that we shouldn’t be as serious about sports betting as we are with casino gaming. Just like casinos, sportsbooks must be tightly regulated to ensure that there is integrity in the system.”

Affiliates assistance

The report also discusses how affiliates are assisting in the education of players about legal online sports betting and the role that media companies can play in the sports betting space.

Founder of, Mike Murphy, said: “We created this report to gauge where the legal sports betting industry is at three years after PASPA was first repealed. While tremendous progress has been made to date, it is clear the sector is not without its teething issues especially when it comes to technology, regulation, safe gaming and education.

“From the experts we have spoken to, it seems these challenges can be overcome and if we are able to do so, the US will undoubtedly become the largest legal betting market in the world. This report provides tremendous insight from those at the cutting edge of the industry and their thoughts will undoubtedly shape the direction we take over the next three years.”

The full report is available here.

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