Betterlogic Hooks Up With SCCG Management For US Expansion


Bettorlogic, a supplier of exclusive, real-time bet enhancement technology, has partnered with SCCG Management, a gaming consultancy firm, to make its strategic sportsbook technology available to U.S. operators.

Bettorlogic CEO and Founder Andrew Dagnall outlined the rationale behind the new alliance. “We have spent 15 years developing and successfully leveraging our solutions for customer engagement,” he said. “Our sportsbook clients derive reliable results from our highly customisable technology platforms.

“Our client’s customers are enjoying the benefits enabled by our profiling, CRM, marketing, and other technologies, which help them to understand their customers better. I am looking forward to working with Stephen Crystal and the SCCG team to share the story of our products and their value to new clients in the United States.”

Crystal, managing partner for SCCG Management, said:

“The story surrounding the company’s technology pillars, bettortech, betpropensity, and bettorlogic is, in my opinion, highly compelling, and checks the boxes that I look for, as an operator and investor.

“Are the Bettorlogic technology solutions a strategic advantage for operators? Yes. Do they add strong business and customer value, in equal measure? Yes. Are the tools highly configurable, giving operators direct control and ownership over their businesses and the way they need to operate? Yes. It’s compelling, high value, and we are looking forward to working with Bettorlogic as they expand into the growing US sportsbook market.”



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