Betterlogic Collaborates With Tipico In Content Deal

Betting analytics software company Bettorlogic has collaborated with German sports betting operator Tipico in a content agreement. The deal was designed to enhance the betting shop service for German and Austrian sports bettors, with Tipico gaining access to the content platform of Bettorlogic for deployment throughout its entire retail shop portfolio.

The arrangement provides pre-event grounds for betting on football and tennis and then live notifications for show in over 1,200 betting shops via Bettorlogic’s Livelogic service.

Thomas Palazzari, head of shop design and business development at Tipico, said: “We are pleased that in cooperation with Bettorlogic we can provide our shop customers with live statistics and recommendations for countless sports events every day. It significantly enhance the entertainment and infotainment quality in the shop and set us further apart from the competition.”

Bettorlogic’s software allows a large range of sporting events to be scheduled and shown on dedicated screens every day. With markets and odds assisted with explanations why they are featured bets, up to 12 events can be shown at any time, rotating every minute.

Bettorlogic CEO Andrew Dagnall said: “We are delighted to be working with Tipico on this project as it is a very effective way to display reasons for betting shop customers to have a bet throughout the day whether it is before events start and then when they go live. This is delivering an incredibly engaging product to Tipico’s retail shop audience.”