Better Gambling Initiative To Be Headed By IGRG In The UK

Later this year, the gambling industry will join together to launch the largest initiative ever to encourage better gambling in the UK and Ireland, headed by the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG).

The government profile for the year-round engagement considers Responsible Gambling Week conducted Thursday 7–Wednesday 13, 2019, with a goal laid to highlight the instruments and guidance accessible to clients, as well as the measures that providers are taking to encourage personal accountability.

In the United Kingdom, the IGRG will lead the project while the Irish Bookmakers Association will lead the project component. The pair will concentrate on providing data on customer-friendly projects.

Neil McArthur, chief executive of the Gambling Commission, explained: “The week’s strapline, ‘Let’s talk about safer gambling’, is an important message not only for customers but also for the staff and industry leaders whose role is to look out for their customers.

“It provides an opportunity for people across the gambling industry, no matter what their role is, to focus on what part they can play to make gambling safer and reduce gambling harms”.

Over 120,000 employees will take part in this year’s Responsible Gambling Week at thousands of gambling locations and internet sites, with computer dealers and pubs across the nation also scheduled to encourage appropriate posts.

Throughout the week, employees from across the sector, including arcades, bingo sites, bookmakers and casinos, will be enabled to engage in discussions with clients on better gambling, with messages to be presented prominently at all of the locations.

“We are confident that Responsible Gambling Week, now in its third year, will be our biggest campaign yet, but this is not just about one week in the year, it is about promoting safer gambling all year round,” states John Hagan, chairman of the IGRG.

“We want to make this an open and inclusive conversation, connecting with the widest possible audience, including those who do not think messages about responsible gambling are aimed at them.

“We want to take the message about safer gambling even further this year, through our own social channels, with the support of our partners inside the industry and beyond”.

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