Betsson Group Ups Business Diversity And Inclusion Commitment

After announcing that it has been a founding partner of the All-In Diversity Project (AIDP), Betsson Group has upped its commitment to business diversity and inclusion.

The announcement stems from the launch earlier this year of Betsson’s DIB project, incorporating a range of events to promote ‘Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.’

Lena Nordin, Betsson Group’s chief human resources officer, commented: “We are an inclusive company and with 1,800 staff members across nine offices, we have the track record to prove it. With 57 nationalities from 5 different continents, 40% women and 60% men, spread across four generations, Betsson Group is indeed a melting pot of different experiences, backgrounds and ideas.

“Partnerships with like-minded partners, such as the All-In Diversity Project, allows us to achieve greater diversity and inclusion not only within our company but also within the wider industry.”

AIDP co-founder, Kelly Kehn added: “Betsson is the kind of company that leads by example and we are pleased to welcome them as Founding Member. They are leaders in so many areas and their approach to Diversity & Inclusion is no different.

“Industry collaboration and support is so important when working towards change and this point is made especially significant during COVID-19. We are happy to be partnered with and supported by Betsson.”

It founded the Women in Betsson (WiBE) network in February of this year as part of Betsson Group’s efforts to promote diversity both inside and outside the organisation. The network’s goal is to create a forum for promoting equal opportunity and empowering women within the iGaming industry.

Nordin concluded: “At Betsson we cherish the fact that every individual is unique. A focus on Diversity allows us to recognise those individual traits, whilst Inclusion is all about embracing the differences between us. We practice inclusion by ensuring that everyone feels welcomed and respected and this creates a sense of Belonging to the Betsson family.

“We do not want to rest on our laurels, and we will continue to look for further ways to be more inclusive and celebrate our differences. Joining forces with the All-In Diversity project is one way how to do this. We believe that together we can make a difference.”