BetRushmore Choose Intelitics For US Market

BetRushmore, a retail and online sportsbook provider, has chosen Intelitics as its exclusive user acquisition partner in the booming US market.

This comes as the company prepares to launch its online and mobile sports betting brand in Iowa, with plans to expand to additional states. In addition, the business plans to open a land-based sportsbook in South Dakota, where it is headquartered.

Marketing and user acquisition

BetRushmore’s president, Gary King, said: “On making our market debut in Iowa we want to hit the ground running and ensure our marketing and user acquisition strategies and activities are right from day one, and to do this we knew we needed to identify the right partner.

“In Intelitics, we have a team of expert marketers combined with a powerful platform that will allow us to achieve our goal of acquiring customers at scale but with the optimum return on investment.”

Intelitics will handle all of BetRushmore’s marketing, user acquisition, and tracking activities under the terms of the agreement. This involves everything from branding to assets, as well as overseeing the operator’s overall user acquisition budget across paid ads, affiliates, and other channels.

Maximised return

The Intelitics platform and back office will then be used to monitor and track this, providing real-time insight into how every activity is performing. This enables for immediate modifications to activity and campaigns, maximising the return on ad spend.

Allan Stone, CEO of Intelitics said: “We are thrilled to have been chosen by BetRushmore to handle all of the operator’s marketing and user acquisition activity, first in Iowa, where it will make its online sports betting debut and then in the other states it enters.

“With player acquisition costs already high, it is important for operators to ensure they are getting the best return on ad spend and our proven approach and market-leading platform and analytics tools allow us to do this for our partners.

“BetRushmore has a great brand and big ambitions for the US market, and we look forward to working closely with the team to ensure their marketing and UA is on point.”

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