Betinvest Initiates Project To Honour Key Members Of Staff

Sports betting technology provider Betinvest has initiated a non-commercial project to honour key staff across the company’s various departments.

We are Betinvest will be released officially in late February. It is a monthly series that can be followed on the official Facebook and LinkedIn pages of the company.

Betinvest COO Max Dubossarsky said: “The aim of our project We are Betinvest is to introduce you to the different departments within the company.

“We believe that this will broaden understanding of the complex internal processes of our business. For example, at what stage of a project are different teams involved, what issues do they deal with, and what is their overall contribution?

“With this project, we hope to raise awareness of all job descriptions in the gambling industry amongst our followers on social media, and show them that Betinvest is each and every one of us.”

Dubossarsky admitted the recognition of the specialists behind the scenes is significant. “In over 20 years of working in the industry, we have always found that our most valued resource is our team,” he explained. “It is thanks to their professionalism and talent that new products and solutions are created, and different ways to promote services are developed.

“It is our employees who are changing the industry with their day-to-day work. And the results of their hard work are reflected in the high market value of our product, the reputation of the company and the loyalty of our clients.

“Our team is the main driving force behind the business, and our specialists deserve to be discovered by the igaming world because they are an integral part of the industry.”

Last summer, Dubossarsky joined Betinvest and said he soon felt at home in the firm’s office and praised the company for its career development approach.

He continued: “Betinvest employs professionals in dozens of fields, offering competitive wages, opportunities for career development, and employees can even change their line of work within the company. We offer all this simply because it’s very important to us that everyone fits in, and does what they do best and what they’re passionate about.

“So, as well as having a thorough selection process, we do our best not to lose our professionals when they decide they want a change of direction: we help them find that within the company. Each of our employees is able to develop not just within their own job role, but also to change specialisations and departments.

“What’s more, for the majority of our specialists, the work we do at Betinvest involves international projects, business trips to various parts of the world, getting involved with the biggest events in the industry, and making useful connections. We believe that this all really helps to broaden their horizons and has an impact on both their professional skills and their personal qualities.”

Dubossarsky concluded by describing a few of Betinvest employees ‘ ‘ out – of-office ‘ privileges.

He said: “Foreign language courses, gym membership and medical insurance are just some of the benefits we provide.

“Our employees run marathons and take part in sporting events, they take courses to develop their qualifications, and attend conferences. We are proud of their achievements and we like to help them as much as possible to develop outside of the office environment.”