BetGames.TV Release Popular Andar Bahar To Worldwide Customers

BetGames.TV, a cutting-edge provider of live dealer material, has just announced that its Andar Bahar game will be available to customers all over the world. The game had a fantastic launch, and players can expect an even better online experience.

Details of the game

Andar Bahar is a thrilling game that has already become a fan favourite due to its captivating gameplay and amazing features. It’s a well-known card game with a straightforward yet engaging gameplay. A dealer will show the card as part of the game, and players will wager on whether the card will appear on the left or right hand. Andar refers to the left hand, while Bahar refers to the right.

The bet is doubled if a card of the same face value appears on the Andar hand, and the player loses the game if it appears on the Bahar side. Every 90 seconds, new games are drawn, allowing players to enjoy the live dealer experience even more. This game is yet another example of BetGames’ ability to provide high-quality, user-friendly, and exciting games.

The live dealer provider continues to expand at a steady pace in the industry. The company recently reasserted its ambitious plans opening its Malta HQ, where it expects to hire over 100 employees.

Unique BetGames twist

Aiste Garneviciene, COO of BetGames.TV, commented on the new launch: “In creating Andar Bahar, we wanted to take the much-loved classic card game and give it our unique BetGames twist.

“Following an initial launch with Betway and given the game’s immediate success and global appeal, we made the decision to add it to our portfolio worldwide.

He also listed the company’s commitment to providing consumers with exclusive offers and betting experiences that make them feel at ease. Andar Bahar will be the preferred choice for players due to the addition of new mechanics, betting prices, and simplicity.