BetGames TV Offers One-Of-A-Kind 6+Poker

In introducing 6 + Poker, BetGames.TV has continued its one-of-a-kind approach to offering a fresh take on popular casino games–a game featuring a reduced 36-card deck that is “subtly and radically” different from a conventional hand.

The BetGames 6+Poker concept is based on a variant of the common standard version of’ Hold Em’ poker. The standard rules of the game have been tweaked for “absolute user interaction, encapsulating an individual look, feel and gameplay,” said COO Aiste Garneviciene of the firm.

She expounded: “BetGames.TV constantly aims for pleasing the palate of our end-users and consumers as well as increase productivity and gameplay for our clients. 6+ Poker is a new game that brings out all the best elements of poker and increases interactivity and creates an immersive experience.”

Every draw consists of a 36-deck card, the lowest number of which is a six. Big hands are much more often in play due to the increased statistical likelihood of winning with, for example, one straight, full house or three of a kind.

Whereas, 6 + Poker action has more of a’ one-on – one’ nature as the end-user may place a bet on their hand, other players at the table’s side, or the dealer’s hand.

“This alternate version allows for consumers to land more hands and feel immersed in the game,” said Garneviciene. “The game is both subtly and radically different from a traditional poker hand, with a 36-card deck producing big hands more often.

“The one-on-one experience with our dealers creates a cosy atmosphere while also offering amazing outcome-based opportunities. The game brings about an increased chance of winning and a radical approach that sees a shake-up in winning hands and boasts sensational outcome-based odds and wins.”

Another of these subtle changes introduced changes to the conventional poker pecking order for the best hands, e.g. in 6+ Poker a flush beats a full house and three of a kind beats a straight–evidence, Garneviciene said, of the “new energy and interaction” that will make it a success.

She continued: “The modern consumer is often stuck with a staid poker environment, with a sameness look, feel and gameplay, but with innovation and a unique approach to pleasing our consumer BetGames.TV will never settle for mediocrity.”

BetGames. TV CCO Richard Hogg is equally delighted with the prospect of taking the industry by storm with the new game. He clarified that a firm must always look to establish “new win-opportunities” for stakeholders in the iGaming industry.

“The game is based on creating a feeling of winning big especially with 36 cards in the deck and non-stop action,” he added. “There are also highly competitive odds and win-chances.”