Betfred Partners With Gig Comply Software

Stockholm listed Gaming Innovation Group (GiG), has announced that Betfred has partnered with it’s GiG comply software as the recent sector tier-1.

Betfred is set to reinforce the dynamics of compliance throughout its digital marketing stock, incorporating GiG Comply clauses, safeguarding regulatory requirements by tracking marketing operations by third parties.

Helping operators to adhere to a variety of marketing compliance norms across various jurisdictions, GiG Comply can scan + 30,000 web pages daily by referencing brands / domains of operators, assisting marketing teams to meet various regulatory requirements.

Adele Farrell, director of compliance at Betfred, said on the agreement: “Protecting players and abiding by regulations has never been so important – so we are happy to be working with GiG Comply.

“At Betfred, we want to ensure that our affiliate partners are working in a responsible and compliant way, and GiG Comply is the most effective and efficient way for us to monitor the content they are publishing for our brand.”

While providing Betfred affiliate customers with an automatic site scanning solution to easily review advertising campaigns while helping to meet compliance requirements, GiG Comply will work with enhanced advertising regulations that require operators to ensure responsible marketing practices.

The technology will also allow the company to scan the internet to ensure that its brand is not advertised in a non-compliant manner or on non-compliant websites.

Richard Brown, chief executive officer at GiG, added: “We are delighted to have partnered our technology with tier one operator Betfred. It’s a clear sign that Betfred are continuing to take affiliate compliance seriously, and we are proud to be contributing to their efforts.”