Betfair Betting Exchange Breaks £200m Mark On US 2020 Presidential Race

On Tuesday 3 November, Betfair is braced for a mammoth US presidency, as its betting exchange breaks the £200 million mark on the results of the US 2020 presidential race.

Frantic trade on Trump-Vs-Biden has exceeded total wagers made on the combined Super Bowl, Grand National and World Cup finals, with analysts from Betfair stating that it could double to £400 million with only five days to go to the market.

US 2020 exceeded the previous retail wagering record of £199 million set by Trump vs Hillary Clinton in 2016 by the Betfair Exchange (who says politics doesn’t count!)

While Joe Biden remains market favourite at 1/2 (66 percent chance of winning), Betfair reports that Trump (2/1) keeping a total of £ 98 million market bets against Biden’s £95 million is equally matched with US 2020 wagers.

As a punter put a £ 500,000 bet on a Biden win, which will return £ 750,000 if successful, US 2020 has also seen Betfair record the largest single ‘pre-polls’ political stake.

Spokesperson Sam Rosbottom of Betfair said: “With six days to go, the 2020 election has already smashed 2016’s £199m total to set a new record as the biggest single betting market of all time and is more than the last Grand National, Football World Cup final & Super Bowl combined. Interest is at fever pitch levels and should it continue at this rate until polling day, we could be on course to see £400m bet on the outcome on Betfair Exchange.

“This event has captured the public’s attention like no other and it’s telling that more money has been bet on Donald Trump securing a second term than any of the world’s biggest sporting events. However, the odds suggest Joe Biden has the upper hand and one political bettor certainly agrees, to the tune of half a million pounds.”