Betegy To Extend IMPACT Content For NCAA Basketball With ShotTracker

The global content and data generating system IMPACT, which is owned by Betegy, has announced its latest cooperation in the US sports industry. With DDSports Inc (ShotTracker) for NCAA men’s and women’s basketball broadcasts, the company’s exclusive content platform will be expanded even further.

ShotTracker is a sports technology that gathers player performance data via sensors and gives realtime statistics and analytics, and it has already been used for the 2021 NCAA Mountain West Tournament in Las Vegas.

Content creation and visualisation expansion

ShotTracker’s proprietary technology can track data in three ways: via a ShotTracker-enabled ball, sensors on players’ jerseys, and court sensors. This latest agreement is designed to increase content development and visualisation via ShotTracker’s elite-level real-time analytics.

The collaborative platform, which is powered by IMPACT’s rendering engine, can extract live data from each of ShotTracker’s streams to rapidly create rich media content for all US broadcast channels and platforms.

Betegy’s IMPACT, which uses the latest machine learning algorithms, allows users to turn complex sports data and odds into appealing graphics, animations, banners, widgets, and texts with remarkable speed and efficiency, according to the company.

Engaging content

ShotTracker Co-Founder and President Davyeon Ross said of the company’s future plans: “ShotTracker’s open APIs allow our partners to take our data and deliver engaging content to a growing audience of consumers and media customers.

“This partnership with IMPACT will help us expand access to our data to even more media platforms, not just in the US but around the world. This is a great way for us to grow our reach at a time when engagement in data content is at a premium for consumers, media companies and broadcasters.” 

Alex Kornilov, CEO of IMPACT / Betegy, added: “ShotTracker and IMPACT provide an ideal combination. Our partnership, which has grown thanks to our successful and well-received Mountain West collaboration, opens new pathways for more immersive sports content on any platform.

“By matching real time, sub-second data from ShotTracker and our visualization engine, we entertain fans with advanced contextual stats, bringing them even more deeply into the experience.”

ShotTracker data and IMPACT’s Advanced Team Zone and Shot Maps visualisations were shown on broadcasts by the Mountain West Conference Network via Stadium during the 2021 NCAA Mountain West Tournament in Las Vegas.

Following that successful deployment, the New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA) used ShotTracker for a number of its 2021 State Basketball Championships, with IMPACT used to visualise real-time data delivered to coaches and fans via the NMAA 24/7 App, thanks to a partnership with New Mexico Gas Company.

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