BetConstruct Release New Title ‘Crash’

BetConstruct has continued to build out its gaming portfolio by releasing new multiplayer title, Crash.

Players can bet on the multiplier, setting off the odds that gradually increase before the random activity stops’-this is called’ Crash.’

Every millisecond matters

BetConstruct clarified within the game, made available via mobile devices, that ‘every millisecond matters’ as rounds are very quickly renewed.

Players will access additional betting choices and features such as manual and auto mode to drive interaction, which BetConstruct believes would elevate the overall player experience.

Each outcome within the game has been ‘predefined by Random Number Generator’ (RNG) mechanics to ensure fairness and full transparency, generating the outcomes five rounds beforehand.

‘Fresh twist’ on four classic games

Earlier this year, BetConstruct reaffirmed its commitment by providing a ‘fresh twist’ on four classic games to create the ideal product combination for its sportsbook and igaming partners.

The supplier helped “enrich” the gaming suite of its partners by releasing Hokm, Pasoor, Okey and Penality, “contributing to further growth for its operators and helping to generate higher revenues.”