Betclic Advocates Equality In Portuguese Men And Women’s Basketball Sponsorship

Betclic has agreed to pay the same sponsorship fee to the Portuguese Women’s Basketball League as it does to the men’s league.

The relationship will see a €3 million investment for both events over the next three years, thanks to a partnership contract signed by the Portuguese Basketball Federation and Betclic Portugal.

Betclic’s Portugal Country Manager, Pureza Sousa, said: “It’s important for us as a brand to contribute to the discussion, to break down stereotypes that have long prevented women athletes from having equal pay.”

Liga Betclic

Furthermore, both the men’s and women’s competitions will be known as Liga Betclic, with the partners aiming to “up the game on both leagues” by giving equal opportunities for all athletes.

“We saw the opportunity to be the first to take this step and set an example,” said Manuel Fernandes, president of the Portuguese Basketball Federation, as both businesses seek to influence other sports organisations and contribute to equal possibilities in sports.

In August, the French betting operator established its first relations with the Portuguese Basketball Federation, resulting in improved brand awareness and marketing possibilities in the Portuguese sports and sports wagering space.

The Portuguese Basketball League was renamed the Betclic League as a result of this.

According to Nielsen Sports, the sponsorship value and profile of female athletes increased during a “unique window of equality” given by the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, assisted by a “level playing field” for male and female athletes competing in the competition.

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