BETBY Expands Sports Range With eBasketball

With the addition of eBasketball to its portfolio, Sports betting supplier BETBY has expanded its sports range.

The Basketball solution will have 24/7 betting options for sportbooks, close to the 24/7 FIFA18 deal from BETBY. In addition, BETBY will have competitive fixtures with NBA, WNBA, and All-Star teams, complemented by Twitch video coverage of each match.

The chief risk officer at BETBY, Sergey Tsukanov, stated: “We are delighted to be expanding our esports range with the launch of our NBA basketball products.

“With esports continuing to be a growing part of not just our offering but as a wider vertical in sports betting, we will endeavour to create more exciting products for our operator partners across the globe.

“All basketball esports betting markets will be supported by our proven Risk Management Intelligence system and customisable front-end product, allowing operator partners to give a truly unique experience to their customers.”

BETBY’s eBasketball product will also offer competitive match markets featuring classic teams, all-time favourites and modern rosters that will allow punters to bet on match-ups never seen before.

Esports saw a sudden rise in popularity, as COVID-19 temporarily suspended most live-sporting events. This has resulted in operators and providers investing in competitive gaming to provide market betting for the punters.

As such, sport-centric games like NBA 2k and FIFA have gained prominence, with distributors offering audiences in their competitive scene. Likewise, providers have extended their esport services to create a range of betting options, adding features such as the 24/7 app from BETBY.

The service can be integrated in or purchased as an individual product in BETBY’s esports sportsbook solution.