BetBull Purchase Wager For Enhance Social Media Capabilities

Internet betting site Wager ( purchased for an undisclosed fee by mobile sportsbook operator BetBull.

Less than two years after its launch in 2018, the London-based start-up was purchased, aiming to become the ‘Betfair for friends’ of sports betting and creating the first ‘truly social betting platform’ for the industry.

Co-founded by Elliott Robinson and Leo Barnes, Oxford graduates, Wager secured early-seed investment from the London venture capital fund Forward Partners prior to its official product launch in August 2019.

Wager has, through its in-house engineering team led by Robinson and Barnes, built all key front-end and back-end components of its sports betting platform up to now.

Co-founder of Wager Leo Barnes said: “The Wager and BetBull leadership teams share a social vision for the industry, and we are very excited for what the future holds.”

BetBull ‘s acquisition of Wager will enhance its social media capabilities, through which the sportsbook challenger brand plans to broaden its tipster, video, and referral capabilities as its user base expands.

Commenting on the transaction, BetBull Founder & CEO Sadok Kohen said: “I was impressed with what Leo and Elliott were able to do and I can’t wait for them to create value for Betbull.”

Concluding Wager co-founder Elliott Robinson said: “The power and popularity of social betting is growing, and we are excited to be right at the centre of this exciting space.”