BetBazar Help Operators With Product Portfolios For Revenue Boost

More and more gambling operators are turning to Betbazar for exclusive table tennis and esports content to improve their product portfolios.

With Covid-19 washed out several sporting competitions last year, and those that existed worked out without an audience, gaming operators tried to adjust their merchandise portfolios to improve player interest and regain missed money.

As a result, the new prospects posed by table tennis and esports, both fields where Betbazar’s product centre has high experience, will be noticed by many.

Collaboration with BETER

Betbazar’s table tennis coverage is supported by an exclusive collaboration with BETER, which provides sports and esports content, odds and live data through their SETKA CUP and ESports Fight items in the quick betting niche.

Betsy Games, a completely customisable sportsbook solution, is another key part of Betbazar’s product line. In addition to common favourites such as basketball, football and tennis, Betsy Games provides a comprehensive variety of esports content.

Betbazar, a JKR Investment Group portfolio firm, has expanded its footprint in the online industry over the last year, not only by selling premium content to betting firms and casinos to engage new markets, but also by supplying consumers with items that improve business processes.

Betbazar CEO Alex Iaroshenko said: “We want betting companies to run their businesses both successfully and easily. That is why we have entered into a partnership with two new products.

Simplify clients business processes

“One of them is Betegy – a company that has been providing marketing automation services to the betting market since 2012. Another one is Kycaid – a user data verification service for betting companies. These products are aimed to simplify the business processes of our clients.”

Betbazar can deliver tailor-made product sets for partners of all sizes and experience, provided the right combination of diversified sports content, marketing automation and security. The Betbazar squad, Iaroshenko explained, still uses a tailored approach to solving challenges for customers.

Iaroshenko added that Betbazar is now in the process of strengthening its position in Asia, having already begun operating in the CIS and Latin American markets.

The CEO of Betbazar concluded: “The list of products offered by the company will help its partners and potential clients to compete with market leaders across the world.”