Bet365 Reports Unwavering Player Protection Commitment

Stoke based bet365 lifted the lid on crucial steps it implemented in last month’s financial report to Companies House to improve consumer rights and healthier gaming activities.

In the document’s part of the Strategic Report, the operator emphasised an “unwavering commitment to deliver industry-leading approaches to player protection”.

The’ EROS’ early-risk detection system of Bet365 tracks client behaviour for ‘behaviours that may indicate a potential concern.’ Over the past year, the operator has been investigating the use of machine-learning methods to further refine EROS in order to improve the identification of at-risk behaviours significantly. The company said it has developed a preliminary model ‘which will shortly be put through its initial phase of testing’.

Furthermore, bet365 develops a practical tool with partner Focal Research–a Canadian-based social research company–using player data to identify high-risk gambling patterns among customers. The group also uses the same data to inform how it communicates with customers at high risk, he said.

Bet365 notes that it is also strengthening how, in collaboration with GamCare, it conducts more direct ways of customer interaction by expanding the training provided to customer-facing professional workers. This includes a particular focus on core competencies, such as motivational strategies to encourage customers to take positive steps in controlling their gambling.

The operators said the changes were driven in part by a desire to provide players with ‘far greater flexibility in the setting of gambling management tools’, to inform player decisions about their gambling, in addition to providing customers with more behavioural data.

This led to a new method being created that allows customers to block access to gambling on specific days or hours, with the option of doing it every week.

The Stoke-based group has promoted the launch of a new customer-facing responsible gambling website in 2019, across all languages and jurisdictions, where consumers can access information on how to keep their gambling under control and find details of all the resources available to help them do so.

In summary, bet365 said: “The group recognises that player protection is not a competitive exercise. To that end, the impact of its systems and the positive results it identifies through internal research are routinely shared across the industry.

“In the coming year, the group will continue in this vein, and is willing to work with other operators and regulators on raising standards across the industry, in a shared endeavour to make gambling safe for all.”